Looking to buy vinyls new or used


Hello everyone I’m looking to buy the following
Fly in the oimtment-any pressing is fine,I’d love the rainbow splatter or the third,but I’ll take any of them…any
The dork reissue with the original cover
Vpoy,sts,du,Burials ,bsits,AOD (I have the basic ones im looking for different colors vinyls)
Behind the times,Eddies picnic,bombing the bay(reissues) the newer the better as it’s more affordable,can anyone spare a copy for sale of any of these?Thanks all and a shout out to the man on the grass that is named snob aka snobgrass…that blue all hallows ep turned me into a monster


Lol!! Glad it made it safe and sound. Your hooked now Bro. After the holidays die down I’ll get you a list of doubles I can part with.


For how much does the 12" DU go nowadays?


When I get back from vacation next week, I’ll post the rest of my duplicates. I definitely have a 3D copy of FITO and VPOY.


Kurt, how new are you to collecting the vinyl? Did you literally just start or do you have a few already?

Originals of Dork, BTT and Eddies are very rare and scarce now. I also need an original Dork… I consider that record as the Holy Grail to my collection.

Regardless, my collection took years and thousands to build, so good luck. It’s definitely exciting.


I haven’t seen any sell for less than $100 for a while now.


Same. There’s one on ebay now for just over $100 with free shipping.

I need the Crash Love vinyl yet… who knows when that’ll happen! Lol I’m just happy I have the STS double vinyl. I paid retail for it back in 2003. It’s nuts to see how much it goes for consistently now.


Agreed. @Ksf145 start small with common but cool pressings and slowly work yourself into the rarer items. It’s fucking addictive. Anyone who collects can agree…it’s like tattoos…one is never enough.


This and… @Ksf145 make sure you’re active and around when the next AFI record comes out in probably a few years. This is a mistake I made with Blood. The Blood type vinyls I’m now chasing after (and paying more) because I missed the release.


SOLD!I’ll throw in an extra set list from afi or Blaqk Audio I just need to find them.thank you for the consideration and thought


Hey Storms,Im not too new but have a long way to go
I have 2 of the DU 7" sets one opened one sealed and a full size DU
All of the others VPoY,Answer that,Shut your mouth,Black sails,AoD(in the non limited colors),All hallows (the beautiful blue vinyl,thanks again Mr.Snobgrass)2 of Crash Love I bought but I got the us version and an import aswell I just bought both because it was 2 for $20.I got the autographed Blood album them I found one at half price books(same location where I found $2 clandestine set) it was clear with blood splatter colored vinyl.

Yeah the singles and earlier 7s I’d rather get newer pressings because they go for a mint!I will get an original Dork one day but I’ll join the line because If I come across one you (storms) will get first Crack at it.Im not sure what import my double crash love is but if it’s normal I’ll consider letting it go.Yeah you’re right,I totally missed the blood type ones those are going to be costly that’s why I flipped when you got them for $25!I do have a bright black heaven vinyl I’m yet to find a cexcells one for Blaqk audio


I find a lot of stuff on Discogs, sometime that’s better than eBay. Plus you can pick and item, see who already owns it, check out others afi collections. It’s unreal the amount of stuff that is AFI related.


Pretty sure CexCells only came out on CD, right?


Thank you, and thanks @STORMS for the info. I’ve been thinking to get rid of miñy copy of DU and CL but never actually put them on sale


Correct, CD only for CexCells.


Yeah as far as I can tell,I got the bright black heaven because I’d never seen Blaqk audio on vinyl.
Some of you know I’m fortunate enough to live where there’s a great concentration of record shops in the Sf Bay Area,I have an awesome half price books that gets rare things for cheap,an amazing record store with everything imaginable,and 3 rasputins and 2 amoebas located in berkeley and haight Ashbury sf. If any of you have a list of vinyls you would like I can keep an eye out and grab them for you,if it’s okay with the mods leave a list of what copies/colors you want and what’s a fair price.I’ll put them on hold,notify you and send them out free of charge,Least I can do for you all.I can also make reports when I go listing what I saw.happy hunting


Crash Love vinyl? Let me know, I need it. :slight_smile:

And @Ksf145 that’s awesome. So you’re clearly not new to collecting. BTW fun fact, you can get the “No Time to Kill” vinyl with “Transference” on Hunters site for only $15 in case you didn’t have it yet.


I’d love to visit sometime and visit all of those places. Very cool to be in the heart of it all.


It really is man,you lose hours every time walking into one,the san francisco amoeba on haight is two blocks from rasputin on haight! The amoeba on telegraph ave in berkeley is also two blocks from the massive rasputins in berkeley!Not to mention the countless boutique and rare record shops in sf,berkeley and oakland.If you’re ever in the area drop me a line I’ll take you and your guests To a show


I’ll shoot you a PM next week for the FITO. The rest of my duplicates I’ll post in another thread.