Looks like physical copies of Beneath the Black Palms finally exist now

…according to a new discogs listing. This version is still available from the store. Anyone get one of these?

I’m still waiting for the sunset version, which (after several delays) is currently listed as shipping next month.

Thats a web submission. Any proof the submitter actually has it?

No update from the store since the last release date of the 8th.

I’m honestly expecting another delay notice

Nah, no proof the submitter actually has it. Have you actually been getting delay notice emails? The only hint I’ve even seen about the delays is that the descriptions on the webstore keep changing.

This is the last email I received from December 18th:

Thank you again for your purchase of the Beneath The Black Palms Vinyl from the Blaqk Audio store.

Unfortunately there have been additional shipping delays on this variation of the Beneath The Black Palms Vinyl. As soon as these are received at our warehouse, we’ll be working to get them out the door to you as quickly as possible. Orders will begin going out in mid-January, and tracking information will be provided as soon as possible.

To begin to make this up to you, we’ll be sending you a free gift with your order. We appreciate your patience and apologize again for any trouble this may have caused.

Thanks for pasting it. The only email I got was the initial one confirming my order. Which variation is that from? I only ordered the sunset one.

I believe all variants except for the die-cut sleeve one were delayed until this month. The die-cut is still delayed until February as of right now.

So I just checked my order statuses and the deluxe with the splatter has actually shipped. No email notification for it though. According to my USPS account, they received it at their facilities 2 days ago.

I ordered the other variants but they are still processing.