Lost souls Brownie UK

Hey this is Brownie

I used to do an AFI Fanzine Lost souls in the UK. First saw AFI on the Black sails tour and i’m an original message board and DF member

Looking to reconnect with fans from then esl DFrs from UK meet ups (Camden)

I was amazed to see the black sail and days of the phoenix eps sell for huge sums. I own both. phoenix is signed by the band. I paid like £5 originally when they came out originally

I’m pleased to see Blaqk Audio doing so well

I don’t think a band has ever spoke directly to me in the way AFI do


I remember you… what was your website…?

Brownie, I remember buying a couple of your zines. I’m pretty sure I still have them somewhere.

Hey Brownie!
I still have your lost souls zines in my collection!
Lots of invader zim and love for EDM.
Good to hear from you!
I’m @daveyxvx on social channels.
I used to post on the boards as nephilim138


Hey Brownie! I totally remember you from way back :smiley:

I still have some emails from the DF messageboard with your name in in my inbox

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Wow, that’s incredible! @Brownie