LoudWire recently ranked all of AFI's 10 studio albums, you probably won't be surprised at the # 1


(image via LoudWire)

Rock and Metal online publication, LoudWire recently ranked all of AFI’s albums while also telling some history on the band. They give some history on the line-up changes and how their sound has changed over the years. For example, some may argue that their darkest music started with Black Sails. I respectfully disagree; I believe it actually changed with Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes.

Regardless, you may be surprised by how some albums rank, but the number 1 shouldn’t shock you too much. Check out the article below:

How far they’ve come! AFI started as a band in 1991 and made their last lineup change in 1998 with the addition of bassist Hunter Burgan. Over time, the foursome of singer Davey Havok, guitarist Jade Puget, Burgan and drummer Adam Carson have honed in on a sound that is uniquely their own, finding themselves equally at home in darkly moody and melodic fare as they are in the hardcore heaviness that seemed to be more prevalent early in their career.

In somewhat of a rarity, AFI issued five studio albums, each one getting a little more praise than its predecessor, until they finally… continue reading!


A little predictable but not a bad attempt. I’d tend to go with this order -

  1. The Art of Drowning
  2. Sing the Sorrow
  3. Black Sails in the Sunset
  4. Decemberunderground
  5. AFI (The Blood Album)
  6. Burials
  7. Crash Love
  8. Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes
  9. Very Proud of Ya
  10. Answer That and Stay Fashionable


eh, I wouldn’t rank AoD that high. I think it’s below Crash Love, but I totally get I’m in the HUGE minority there. I’m probably the only one thinking that, actually, but to be honest, I found AoD redundant, like leftovers from Black Sails. I found more diversity from StS on.


Black Sails at number 6 and Decemberunderground at 2. Okaayyyyyy then.

Art Of Drowning/Sing The Sorrow/Black Sails all interchangeable. Big gap. Then everything else.


Something like this for me:

  1. Sing the Sorrow
  2. The Art of Drowning
  3. Decemberunderground
  4. Black Sails in the Sunset
  5. The Blood Album
  6. Burials
  7. Crash Love
  8. Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes
  9. Very Proud of Ya
  10. Answer That and Stay Fashionable

Perhaps a bit of sentimentality keeping DU above Black Sails, as it was massive for me at the time, and indirectly ended me up with my wife. STS & AOD was so hard to call - both easily the most important albums in my life. AOD was my first AFI album, and I love the dark lyrics, they feel so esoteric almost as if it was written for me. But if I had to only have one I think it would have to just be STS.


The Art of Drowning is about tied with Sing the Sorrow for me, but again, this is personal.

Black Sails, I do not see that album placing lower than number 3, ever.