LoudWire talks "Mourning in Amerika" tour with AFI (and Rise Against, Anti-Flag)


LoudWire speaks of the “massive rock tour” that is set to begin 8/27/18. AFI is touring and supporting Rise Against along with Anti-Flag on all tour dates.

LoudWire also speaks of AFI’s Blood album and how it has done better (chart position) than any of their records in a decade. Which means, since Decemberunderground that came out in 2006. Their next album would be Crash Love in 2009.

Check out their article below for more.


Thanks nice read,STS and DU went platinum,it seems crash love and especially burials were really under the radar in terms of pre release advertising and hype,but there’s no more absolute punk.net and publications are like Altpress,nme,spin are not really around as there’s no more barnes n noble type stores.I used to love reading all the import magazines it sucks it’s all digital.


I was just thinking about the band’s advertising/promotion and how terrible they are with it. Whoever is in charge is just phoning it in. Their social media presence for example. There’s no real fan engagement. Every post reads as a sponsored post. Hunter is probably the only one of them that understands how to use social media. They also have an email service that isn’t even used for engagement. They only send out emails when they want us to purchase something from the store. Like this last week, they posted about the tour only after everyone had seen it advertised elsewhere at least an hour before. Then the post didn’t even have a working link. There wasn’t even an email blast for the tour. As far as album promotions, the band hasn’t been very good at that in awhile. Yeah they do a ton of interviews on blogs/magazines/podcasts/whatever but there is rarely any real difference between the interviews. They get asked the same questions and give the same answers.


Unfollowed Davey on Instagram recently because it’s all promotion for his new book.


Davey is the worst of them at social media. I bet he only does it because someone in the bands management or publicist or someone told him to. Looking at his posts would give you the impression that he is someone that lacks a personality.

Even Jade’s annual tweet has more personality in 140 characters than all of Daveys tweets for a year.


Adam and Hunter are definitely more “human” on social media.

And yes, every time they send an email out I wonder if it’s even them. The personable side to the DF has lost something over the years.


I think the email service is provided by whatever company they use for the merch store. That’s why it’s always an email about a new item in the store.


ĹOL you nailed it with “Jade’s annual tweet”.I sure do miss shyboyswin.blogspot :sleepy:


Since the boards closed that’s when the band were no longer involved with the website or social media aspects and emails it seems.I remember them all active on the boards,posting blogs on the bands myspace (mainly Davey),Jades blog was awesome back then too.You’re right Hunter has been the most consistent and along with Adam they’ll reply on instagram.Although once we get the logo,one of us will get it to each band member through a show or other event and I can totally see we get at least a couple of those familiar social media handles to sign up i.e. a tranquil mammoth or dxh.You’ve done a great thing reviving the boards @STORMS , I know the band will be impressed with the advert,logo,collection thread,and our own DFC package.Imagine the reaction of the band when the first forum member shows up with our DFC package to be signed :sunglasses: