Love Fast Los Angeles (Pop Kids "sequel")


Release date: February 8, 2018
POs and bundles are available through Pledge Music:

Signed editions are just about sold out completely.


Signed ones are gone…I was hoping to get one to go with my signed Pop Kids.


Was the book good? I wanted to get it but I dont know.


Of course! Lol… there are some disadvantages of being at work when these things happen… lol.

However, thanks to you I have that All Hallows EP. :slight_smile:

But yeah, I missed out on this too. I’ll check it out in the morning and see what I want to order. I’m not a reader, so worst case I’m buying to collect.


I never even opened it, I just bought it for my collection.


Not really.

The lower tiers (where you could just order a signed book) plus the most expensive bundle (where you could have a personalized passage) sold out within the 1st hour of going up. Personally, I’m not on the hype train for Davey’s non-music endeavors. I’ll buy a book out of support but I know it won’t be anything amazing.


Bought it as soon as I saw it was out. Looking forward to it. Loved Pop Kids because I can compare it to some of my friends/peers.


I was tempted by the personalised copy (not that I could afford it!) but think I’d rather get a personalised signature on something when I meet him, it would be much more meaningful.
Also, I’d prefer it on an item of which I’m more of a fan. I am appreciating PK more thanks to @_tonibell but I can’t help but wish Davey would write something more poetic and/or endearing, like we know from his lyrics, he’s more than capable of doing. I can always hope for the future!


Ugh, sorry, I’m still kind of in isolation mode (recently came out of it for the last NYC HIM show and now back to the library), but, yeah, I think he’s exploring a different side to his artistic aesthetic.

I’m actually excited that it’s about Alvin. I really liked his character in Pop Kids.

@Alina ummm, let’s not talk about how we can compare this to people we know. LOL. I swear, as hyperbolic as Pop Kids is and as absurd as it can get, it has A LOT of truth to it. I think the reason it doesn’t resonate with most of his fans is because they don’t allow themselves to go into those circles and see that world. Unfortunately, I’ve had to experience the rather drugged up, too much money and too much time and malfeasant parents society, so it’s rather cathartic to read the book.

Anyway, I liked it for the scathing social commentary it is, and it’s going to be interesting to see how Davey grapples this new aspect of D Celebrity culture.

In regards to Davey’s lyrical writing compared to his novel writing, speaking from personal experience, it’s rather difficult to carry a story with a style similar to the style of AFI lyrics (I will argue, though, that AFI lyrics are more streamlined on The Blood than they ever were and are becoming more efficient). That kind of style rarely lends itself to a character/plot driven story and is more apt for short novellas dealing with esoteric and ephemeral subjects, ie. stuff that sounds pretty but has very little meaning to it. That’s actually out of fashion in the publishing world, and for good reason: it wasn’t grappling with new ideas, it wasn’t pushing commentary. It was just existing. So while Davey’s beautiful lyrics suit songs, that kind of writing would actually muddle up novel writing and make it not only unapproachable but also lacking in meaning.

If he wanted to do a new twist on the gothic traditions, he could, but I feel like that’s fans projecting their old perception of STS Davey onto who he is now (again, not a problem; it’s just something I’ve been thinking about lately in my ample free time). It might actually be a regression for him.

Granted, this is all conjecture, but he seemed rather proud of this forthcoming book when I met him briefly back in June. I think the biggest hurdle he has to face is getting people to look past the “Davey of AFI” image and just see him as “Davey the writer,” because Davey the writer is much more like a William Burroughs meets film noir than he is “Davey of AFI.”


I appreciate that it could be very difficult to write a whole novel or even novella in poetic/lyrical language. That’s not quite what I meant, although I wouldn’t mind seeing him try a collection of short stories in that style :grin:. But I understand that Davey wouldn’t want to feel stuck in a time warp from his 1999-2003 years :stuck_out_tongue:.

What I meant is that in providing this confrontation with modern culture, his writing is very disenchanting and for lack of a better word, gross (for good reason, it is the vehicle for his story) and I hope that now he has explored this topic, his next book might have more endearing characters and showcase more of his wonderful way with words. I have a feeling that Davey would be very good at writing a fantasy novel :slight_smile:.

As for him being seen as a writer in his own right, then I feel he should have published the book under a pseudonym or his real name rather than his stage name. Obviously this would make it much harder for his books to get published - in writing using his stage name, he has a ready-made fan base however this is as limiting as it is good imo. How many people outside of AFI’s fan base are going to pick up his book? (this is a genuine but rhetorical question - I’m curious to know how many bought PK or will buy LFLA without being an AFI fan…apart from your students @_tonibell :stuck_out_tongue: ).


I’m buying the Monroe bundle of the new one!!! The kids and I are sharing it.
I bought Pop Kids and Everytime we find anything with the word “Joy” written on it, we laugh hysterically. Especially if it’s food. :joy:


I like Pop Kids…but it’s probably not the best book to read on the annual family camping trip. I would be interested in seeing Davey try his hand at poetry some day…though that’s awfully close to writing lyrics.


BTW, was this used on anything other than the promo? I don’t think it was…


It’s in the interwoven opening scenes of I hope you suffer.


As far as his poetry versus his novel style…

If his lyrics are the indicator, and they probably are, then his poetry is more likely Edgar Allen Poe describing daydreams about great sex. :joy:

If it’s like the novel, which I highly doubt, it linguistically wouldn’t be recognizable as Havok(ian) Poetry {I know, I know, but I had to say it}, I don’t think.

His story writing is exactly that. Story writing. Stephen King, know your audience, make your point, story telling.

His lyrics, are more like metaphor and grandeur. His lyrical vernacular is very, very different.


After listening to Davey on Sirius, I may commit and take the plunge. I’m not a reader, but I’m seriously thinking about getting the bundle with both Pop Kids and LFLA.


Pop Kids is a fun read. And there’s even a playlist in the back of songs to listen to while reading (there’s an absurd amount of Katy Perry on it). Prepare yourself for the most awkward euphemisms ever though.


Go for it. I would offer you my extra copy, but pages are falling out, it’s all marked up, and it bears my dog’s muddy paw print.


I love that your extra copy is so well loved :slight_smile:


Yeah, I used it to teach the book to my college freshmen this past semester, so it’s covered in my notes and such. But all my books are like that. :slight_smile: