Love Fast Los Angeles Thread


I thought I would start a thread for general Love Fast Los Angeles things, since I got notice that my stuff shipped today! It should be here next week. I’ll post pictures when it arrives :smiley:

I’m very excited.


I’m so stoked about this new one. I loved Alvin in Pop Kids.


I just got my LFLA things today, so here are some photos

The pin is very nice. I stuck it on my purse immediately. I haven’t smelled the air freshener yet, but I will report back. The book has the same cover feel as the soft cover version of Pop Kids that I have (which is an oddly appealing texture, at least to me). The shirt is pretty standard. I got a large. I probably could have gotten a medium, but I always size up (because reasons). The poster it the same image as the shirt and is I didn’t take a pic of it, but it’s pretty sturdy. I’m debating if I will frame it


Got my book today too! Already reading :slight_smile:


I’m almost done. It’s a lot more solid in many ways than Pop Kids


Thanks for posing your haul! Y’all got it a fair bit earlier than the release date! What do you mean by more solid? Just better written? A more direct plot?


It’s better written, the plot doesn’t wander as much. Alvin is a lot more likeable than Score (though Score still makes several appearances). And it moves, action-wise. It was really hard to put down.


Thanks :smile: I’m surprised Score is in it. I knew some characters from PK would be included but I didn’t think Score would be.
I was hoping for a Kindle version (PK had a kindle version) but that doesn’t seem to be happening :frowning:


I’m hoping for a Kindle version as well :frowning: Not used to read physical books anymore :frowning:


I’m still aiming to read Pop Kids at some point, the LFLA.

Everyone enjoying the book so far?


I’m considering reading it a second time, because I went through it so fast the first time…but I do have other books I need to read! So I might give it another week.