Loveline interviews

Over the years, I have loved listening to the Loveline interviews AFI have done. I find the 2003 one with Davey and Jade especially hilarious. I’m sad it’s no longer continuing with Dr Drew and co.
I listened to them on youtube but the 2009 one with Davey is only a snippet. Does anyone have the audio/video or a link to either please? (I know it’s a long shot!)

There are 2 interviews Loveline conducted with AFI in 2009, conducted within a few days of each other:
April 30 w/ Davey:
May 4 w/ Davey and Jade:

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Thank You so much! I didn’t realise they’d been on twice in 2009. I was looking for the April one but it’s great to have another one to listen to too. :heart: