Medium Grey AFI Unisex Blood Tank Top


I MESSED UP! I wanted to buy the tank top this week but it was pulled down from the AFIs site. Of anyone has a spare that they are willing to part was with, i’d like to buy ot drom you please


Damn, that sucks. Try eBay, I guess… #cringe

They may even restock them… but yeah, sorry to hear.


I checked ebay and I emailed the merch store of AFI to see if I can sneek a grab at one. WE’LL SEE!


There are 2 tanks on the site. Which one are you talking about?


It was all grey with black screen printing of the Blood logo


oh, man, that sucks. I did have an extra of the light blue with the black, but I gave that one away. Hopefully something turns up for you. :frowning: