Meyers-Briggs personality type?

I was just curious if anyone has read/seen any interviews that suggest a Meyers-Briggs personality type for Davey Havok?
I’m an INTJ (@STORMS maybe I’m an evil one like the Master (Doctor Who) or like Moriarty :wink:), so I see a LOT of INTJ in songs like “Okay, I Feel Better Now”. Your thoughts?

You got me here… I actually have no idea what this means. It intrigues me, but yeah, I’m in the dark here.

I have a feeling @_tonibell will have some insight. :wink:

No, I haven’t seen or heard anything, and I hesitate to start defining him by personality type. All we really have to go off of are a myriad of public personas and lyrics. While lyrics are a good starting point, they’re not definitive enough proof of who he is. Even the most autobiographical works have a tendency to hyperbolize the writer, making he or she seem a certain way depending on the writer’s choice that day/month/year (for example: Moveable Feast). So, as cool as this concept is, I would hate for anyone to misconstrue the real Davey Havok based on lyrics/public personality.

But really cool question! I can do some more research on it for you. :slight_smile:

My therapist did a Myers-Briggs for me once, but I forget what it was. I wasn’t particularly into it, LOL. Shocking because psychology was my minor in college.


Myers-Briggs is a personality test. :slight_smile: a really in depth one

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@_tonibell Yes, you’re right. The public persona of an artist is not necessarily the same as the private individual.


:slight_smile: I mean, I can’t even pin him down public persona wise. :slight_smile: then again, I try not to paychoanalyze the actual people; I do enough of that with their writings. LOL. I know how much I hate being psychoanalyzed. Haha. Not that it’s not a cool idea!