Morrissey's Miss Murder performed by AFI

Back in early 2017 AFI played Miss Murder on Jimmy Kimmel, but it wasn’t the typical 2006 Miss Murder we all grew to love, then hate, then love, then feel apathetic toward throughout the years. This version of Miss Murder was delightfully different, yet it has disappeared from the internet.

Perhaps it’s a vast conspiracy to keep AFI playing Miss Murder just the way it was recorded.
Or maybe AFI came dangerously close to sounding like Morrissey circa '93.
Either way, I am on a hunt to find the original video where AFI performs Snow Cats and Miss Murder on Jimmy Kimmel.

Here is an example of the obstacles I am coming across on my search for said video.


Now that you mention it…yep…I remember watching that on YouTube…and now it’s gone :frowning:

I saw that performance live when it aired and I don’t really remember miss murder sounding a little different than it usually does but I do know jimmy Kimmel youtube channel is notorious for deleting random videos or setting them to private .

Dang, I’d love to see that performance. Hopefully someone turns it up.

I saw that when it was on originally! In searching on you tube, nothing!! But, I did find this gem from Hunter… couldn’t resist sharing:


Hunter’s such an artist :slight_smile: To do that for more than 5 minutes…must respect :wink: