Music Ruined My Life with Davey Havok, discussion of Davey's musical upbringing, the bands that changed his life


Davey Havok just recently spoke with Radio 1 Rock Show’s Daniel P Carter on an episode called “Music Ruined My Life”. In this episode, we hear what Davey’s first album he owned as a child as well as the band that changed his life the most. Some of it you may have already known, while some might be completely knew, so I recommend you following the link below to check it out.

Davey also touches on his Broadway experience where he was given “the gift” from Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, to perform in American Idiot.

Here are a few time stamps to consider: show starts at 3:14, starts up again at 7:32 and again at 8:39. The reason for these time stamps is because the music that Davey mentions is then played in its entirety. To avoid spoilers, I won’t say the songs that play :slight_smile:

Another note I forgot to mention is that Radio 1 Rock Show also squeezes Davey’s current favorite AFI song out… he actually says what it is and gives reason why. You might be surprised…