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Hello fellow AFI fans! Seems a recurring theme but I am an old fan just now going deeper into the DF rabbit hole.
I discovered AFI on my own at the record store - browsing CDs and the Art of Drowning popped out to me; I fell in love immediately. I was blessed shortly after with the release of STS.
Sadly, was never able to see them perform due to my outrageously religious and controlling parents. Took me two kids, a divorce, and leaving the church to finally see them for the first time ever on the Blood Tour!!

I look forward to talking AFI with y’all! Here’s to being unapologetically yourself :champagne:


Welcome to the forums!! c:


I found them around the same time as you. That era was magical :sparkles:

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Welcome to the forums @3tears ! Thanks for finding us!

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Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: So glad you found us :slight_smile:

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