MyFireInsidePod: Episodes 6 to 8, "The Art Of Drowning"

@MyFireInsidePod is back and there are three new episodes to catch up on. However, as the title states, there are actually episodes 6, 7 and 8 check out (no pun intended). Matt, Patrick and Chris discuss “The Despair Factor”, “Morningstar” and “The Days of the Phoenix” in these latest episodes of “My Fire Inside Podcast”. Check them out below:

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Just listened to all three. These guys a awesome. I sure hope they pick No Poetic Device for one their Black Sails song reviews. It’s such a great song and Hunter plays the bass like a fucking madman…and the drums are super fast.


Thank you for the kind words. If those songs are not picked the forst time visiting BSITS, Im sure it’ll show up the second time around! Your awesome for listening!