New AFI Merch items (BSITS)

The price of that candle :joy::sob:


The candle is tempting even though it would just be for display.

I already have an OG shirt, but I know this new one would fit better…

But I’m likely not going to get either.

Their merch game is so weak dude.


$36 for a 9oz candle? No thanks. When I glanced at the email I thought it was a mug which I got excited about.

My original tee is pretty thrashed but I’ll probably pass and save my money for eBay finds. Also, crossing my fingers for a sweet AOD bundle this year.


My favorite thing from all of the BSITS Anniversary items was between the shirt (because of the “20” on the flag) and the actual flag.

Yeah I’m hoping they do something sweet for AOD

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I’d also totally get the shirt if it didn’t have ‘AFI’ on it. Just the band picture and the lyrics. Realise that’s how it was back in the day, but imo would look far better without the band name