New game - Name songs w/o ooooohhhhhhh!

As the title says, name songs without ooooohhhhhhhhhh’s! in the lyrics. If we get stuck, one or two "oh!"s might be permissible. I’ll start us off: Kiss And Control!:notes:

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This started in STS I think. I was at a point where I was expecting it but hoping not to hear it. It just got old to me.

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Can I say “Okay, I feel better now” despite the lyrics saying “Oh my dear…”


…The chicken song.


Fucking Highschool Football Hero. :smiley:

Got my non-fan husband stuck with that one lol. It gets stuck in his head.

My next one up will follow my trend of fave but old so… brownie bottom sundae.

Really though… this didn’t start until STS. Give me one song where he sings “Oh!” before STS. After STS it’s all over the place.

Maybe some of the ooooooohhhhhh!'s can be replaced with “yeah”! :rofl:

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