Newbury Comics Exclusive: The Art of Drowning

Limited to 500 on purple and lime green starburst.


This looks beautiful on starburst and easily the best looking variant. Honestly, all of my favorite pieces in my personal vinyl collection are starburst colorways so I have a preference.


Yeah, this looks incredible! :heart_eyes:
Shame it’s the shitty 2014 labels but other than that I can have no complaints. Awesome colour combination!
I imagine this one will sell out fast!!!


I was surprised that this wasn’t sold out then remembered the price is crazy high for some. It actually might be around for a while.

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…and thats a wrap. Out of stock now.

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Mine shipped today :hugs:


Kind of regretting not getting this. Love the color. But I’ve been buying too many shirts off ebay lately…

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After the drama surrounding NBC’s All Hallows release, I bought extras this time. Let me know if you want one.

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Thanks for the offer! I think I’ll hold off, I just bought two shirts off etsy this week :sweat_smile:

What was the drama with the All Hallows release?

The last time NBC had an exclusive, it sold out before anyone even posted about it on the forum. Someone even drove to their brick and mortar locations just to get copies for everyone.