NewNoise Magazine Reviews AFI's Providence Show, "I’d like to call out the oft-unsung hero of the set: Adam Carson behind the drums"

AFI just recently performed in Providence, RI at Lupos and some reviews are still coming in regarding their set. NewNoiseMagazine has recently put together a fantastic review that captures the feeling in its entirety. From Davey’s path to walking on the crowd-supported hands to Adam Carson’s superb drums. Yes, it even highlights on some iappropriate things that Davey has to put up with, but you would never know because he is so well composed.

Check out the review below (Credit: AFINewsHQ)

“Strength Through Wounding” from AFI’s Black Sails in the Sunset turned 18 this past May. The song is now legally an adult, free to make its own decisions, and it has fallen in love with fans. They return the feeling by shouting its words, “Through our bleeding, we are one” at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI. Being the second leg of the Blood album tour, touting a new logo with three solitary iron-rich droplets, and plenty of red stage lighting—the theme and phrase all fall into place with… continue reading.


Great review! Was an incredibly show.

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