Noticed some repeated lyrics

Listening to 37mm yesterday, and realized for the first time in 13 years that davey says the line “your sins into me, begin the poisoning.” Aka like “your sins into me” from silver and cold… can’t believe I just connected this.

Anyone else know some instances of repeated lyrics?


Yeah I’ve noticed that before. There are several instances of that. Lyrics and lyrical themes from earlier albums repeated on subsequent albums. Can’t think of any right this moment though.

“this art does drown” on Girl’s Not Grey, as a reference to previous album The Art of Drowning.

That’s pretty much about it.

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There’s also references to the killing lights and killing the lights in DU (The Killing Lights) and The Art of Drowning (Of Greetings and Goodbyes).

Davey also seems to like this idea of “I remain”, for it shows up in The Nephilim and a couple of times on DU, and elsewhere I’m sure.

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Right, there’s a ton of repetition in certain words and themes. Like “when they kill the lights” in burials etc.

But I feel like “your sins into me” is the first time I’ve seen an entire phrase repeated word for word, without a single change, unless someone can prove me wrong!

That’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head too.

…I’m on a mission now hahaha.

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Ok just learned from @astheycry that “as they cry” is in god called in sick today AND death of seasons… repeat #2!

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@Midnightrunner was wondering why you asked about my username :joy:

I never noticed that in 37mm!

Not a repeat but I always thought the line “drowning in sorrow” in The Interview was interesting.

Also not a repeat but a similar theme: “I admire the way you shine” in The New Patron Saints And Angels" and “Show me how to shine now” in Catch A Hot One. I feel like there’s more usage of the word shine but I cannot think of any right now.

I am also now on a mission to find repeats…

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I noticed that the first few times after I heard it. I connected it and got too excited, kinda went insane. BUT YEAH, I did notice this.:relaxed:

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Okay so I noticed this earlier. Not from separate albums but on Sing the Sorrow, the line “watch stars go out tonight” is in Girl’s Not Grey, and similar lyrics appear three times in Death of Seasons, “just watch the stars tonight as they disappear”, “and I hope to shade the world as stars go out”, and “just watch the sky as stars go out”.