November 20th is

Davey’s birthday! Happy birthday Davey!


Happy birthday to Davey! :partying_face:
I found this amazing cake photo… It seems perfect:

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I guess I should of guessed he was a Scorpio. I’ve never dived too deep into the bands personal lives outside of their music I think it’s cool that you know these things. What are jades, hunters, and Adam’s bdays I didn’t see them on wiki. It is kinda cool to share my zodiac sign with Davey I can see why he sings about the things he does. Thanks for posting this @batwings it’s really cool.

I used to know everyone’s birthdays, but I had to look these up as I haven’t thought about it for a long time:

Adam: February 5th, 1975
Hunter: May 14th, 1976
Davey: November 20th, 1975
Jade: November 28th, 1973

I couldn’t verify these on any official site, though - just wikipedia and a famous birthdays site that seemed a bit random and shady, so please correct me if I’ve got them wrong. :sweat_smile:

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…hell. I just realised no one, including me, started a ‘Happy Birthday, Jade’ thread. :worried:

With this cake, it won’t happen again! Happy Belated birthday, Jade! :sweat_smile:

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