Official AFI Website History

This thread will be designated to showcase changes the AFI’s official site over the years.

*This will be a work in progress

First thing to note: AFI’s news was originally on, which is no longer in existence. They were on through 2000 until landing, which is still their official website today.


Before the site, they had an official geocities site that got updated with news. (It’s the URL that’s in the Shut Your Mouth liner notes, presumably even in new copies still.) The last design I remember for it was the devil with his hands out like on the back of SYMAOYE, except the song titles were replaced with “News”, “Tourdates”, “Discography”, etc. A dude named Bob Roth ran it before William took over for the era. I don’t know when the geocities site officially started, but a version of it already existed when I got into AFI in late 96.

I don’t have pictures of it, but you might be able to dig some stuff up from the wayback machine.

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THat sounds so cool,I as way too young for the geocities site,I do remember pre sts they had the different sts icons that played an excerpt of the piano from this time imperfect.It was definitely run by the band ,Mikey rhino,and fritch.I remember a section called The Wedding which had pictures from I belive Mickey wedding,it was a trip seeing Davey with his slightly less than shoulder length hair.I’ll try to recall more and find some content. Awesome thread idea


Forgot they were all in suits which at the time with the style and make up made the picture more epic

They Looked like the mAFIa in those photos. The old website was so mysterious. I remember the first time the STS Site was being deconstructed and they had a white website with trees like in DU and “Fog” playing in the background. When you would hover over certain places on the page, you could click the mouse and see photos of them in the studio.


Oh yeah I totally remember the DU transition site that was awesome.I’m on break so I’m going to dig for some older AFI site that may be archived hopefully like anything prior STS,I’d love to see that.


Afireinside official site 2001-2018 click all the snapshots and eventhough the picture on the intro site doesn’t show click it anyway itl enter the site anyways…alot of great nostalgia logo*/
Site back from 2002 click on all the different links most work,this isn’t official but had great things for historic purposes…more coming

Here’s the whole archive 2002-2016*/