Old DF member (2003?) used to post under James Redpath

Hello DF,
It’s been a long time since I was part of this community, I used to post on the old AFI forums back when Gavin was the admin like in 2003? Eventually those forums sort of melted away, and I haven’t really been apart of the community for like 16 years. Read afinewshq, and follow the AFI subreddit, but that’s basically it. The band, however, has remained consistently one of my favorites of all time, still putting out killer albums and doing the best live shows of any band (The Blood Tour and Album were exceptional).

Anyway, I decided to join up to this forum because I made some (what I consider) cool artwork I wanted to share with the community… basically made a 2020 AFI album front and back artwork that I’m pretty proud of but I don’t have anyone to share it with. So, as I earn rank here, I’ll make a thread in the Expressions subforum (unless I can already make a thread as a new member).

So, hi. TOBWAO and all that

EDIT: lol it used the avatar that I use for my vet’s website, because I signed up with the same email address


Welcome back & you’re “Verfified DF” now too. Thanks for the PM.


I don’t seem to get df emails anymore since 2018. I tried updating my info from the last email they sent me, but still nothing… Is there anything you can do to help me out?

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Email despairfaction@afireinside.net - they can add you back in

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