Older fan looking to reconnect

Hey guys,

Glad I found this place and good to see there are still fans excited about the band and who make websites like this.

I was big time into these guys from around 2000 - 2006. Still dig the music and listen to their albums a lot, but I’ve sort of distanced myself from their newer material over the last decade as my music tastes became heavier and turned toward metal while they were moving in the opposite direction. I used to post on the old official boards long ago (can’t even remember what my username was now) and how sad I was when I tried to access them a few years ago and saw that everything has changed. I was never actually a member of Despair Faction because I was so young and my parents punished me for listening to this type of music - not that it ever stopped me. :laughing: By the time I was old enough to have my own job and pay for a membership myself, it was always closed. Ah well…

About 5 years ago I became serious about collecting memorabilia, although my collection is quite small compared to others’ I’ve seen. Every few months or so I go on a sort of random AFI kick during which I spend probably an inordinate amount of time searching for stuff to add to it and watching old shows and lurking on the reddit feed. :wink:

Anyway, happy to get a chance to talk to other fans again!



@Vanished it’s GREAT to meet you!!!

I love your story, because I can relate to where I dropped off of the internet around 2004’ish due to personal falling out with like all of my friends, breakup through association, etc… it sucked, plus I lived in an apartment where the friend I was staying with at the time, we could afford to actually have internet. This was even before smart phones… I had a Black Chocolate phone at the time… I could send texts and get calls… that was it.

From there, I was a fan from the outside. Meaning, AFI was always (still is) my favorite band. Whenever they had a new album come out I made sure to get it and I basically listened to nothing but that for months if not longer. But I never surfaced on forums (since the old AFI/DF forums where my username was “DarquerThanEver”). I remember asking Gavin to change it for me… that went nowhere. :frowning:

Also, as far as collections… I’m proud of mine. You can see a glimpe of it in the Welcome thread, but I also paid heavy amounts for items back in the day. I paid $150 for my DOTP ep… between $200 or $300 for my Behind the Times EP, etc. It’s all been worth it though. As time goes on the value only increases.

Again, it’s great to meet you! Welcome! :slight_smile:


@STORMS Nice to meet you too!

I’ve seen your pictures in the welcome thread and believe me, I’d pay that much or more for some of those records (DOTP seriously I’d fork over a decent amount of dough; $150 seems quite reasonable).

Most of what I have are just the CD versions of their catalog through DU, minus some of the very early EPs. I bought them all except Very Proud of Ya in mint condition, unopened. (No longer have VPOY as it got ruined a few years ago when I moved). I tried to acquire some vinyl from the Nitro years a few years ago, but that turned out to be something of a disaster and I never received them. However, I did manage to get my hands on Clandestine around 2012, still in the original shrink wrap, for $40. I don’t think I will ever come across that kind of a steal ever again. :laughing:

I have a few other little things, some tees, a few stickers/button, a poster and several pictures, all from circa 2000 - 2003, but that’s really the extent of my collection. I’m very proud of it though. In the event of a fire or something that’s probably the first/only thing I’d grab before running out of the building. :laughing: It’s very special to me and in my opinion those things are irreplaceable for the most part. I keep everything except the poster in one of those big plastic container things with a lid unless I’m spending quality time with them, because I’m totally paranoid about them getting ruined or lost or whatever (found that out the hard way with VPOY). I’m still looking to replace it, and always on the lookout for vinyl, but right now I’m in between careers and currently only working part-time, so not much expendable income at the moment.

Like you, AFI has always been and still is my favorite band. Something that really, really strikes me about them is that whenever I listen to one of their older albums - Black Sails, Drowning, or Sing the Sorrow, or any of the EPs from around that time - from cover to cover, it still excites me exactly the same as the first time I ever heard it years and years ago, it still blows my mind. I also pick up new things in those albums, certain little details in the instrumentation or the meaning behind the lyrics or something expressed in Davey’s voice that I never noticed before even though I’ve heard those songs probably thousands of times, and it just blows me away. I’m not sure how many bands can claim that.

I’ll tell you a funny story - last week I had to drive about 40 miles from where I live to have some x-rays done, and I listened to AOD on the way just for the hell of it. I haven’t listened to that album front to back in maybe a year and a half. By Sacrifice Theory I was singing along and grinning like such a freaking dufus, I’m sure I got a lot of strange looks every time I stopped at a red light. :laughing: Oh well, it was freaking fantastic, and reminded me of how much I just adore that album.

I was always sort of a fan from the outside as well. I have, most unfortunately, never seen AFI live, and I have never met a serious fan in person. I grew up in a really, really small town, some three hours from any city they played back in the day. Of course, my parents would have done everything to prevent me from going anyway, but I didn’t know any other fans, I didn’t know anyone to bum rides from. Even if all of that had worked out, I was just so young at the time, it kind of makes me laugh to think about it now. I was maybe 10 years old when I discovered this band. They were by far the heaviest thing I had ever listened to. I can’t quite remember exactly how I found them. I remember hearing Totalimmortal, God Called in Sick Today, The Prayer Position, Smile, Third Season, maybe a few others. Their signature sound in those songs, on those albums, was just so amazing and different to me. It still is.

Over the last several years I’ve considered going to see them, but I don’t enjoy concerts as much as I used to. Concert etiquette has changed a lot (not in a good way, in my opinion) and I have PTSD, so being around that many people is very stressful for me. I really thought about going to the Atlanta show next month even though it’s a few hours from where I live in NC, because I’ve always wanted to see them play the Tabernacle (the ambiance seems like it would just be perfect for them, although I don’t think they have that huge chandelier anymore, what a shame). But I probably won’t, because I really don’t think I’d be able to enjoy myself like I would have in the past.

Now watch them play fucking Synesthesia at that show just to make me regret my decision. :laughing:

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Hey! Welcome!

I was really young when the old boards were up. I was terrified to really engage, so I tended to lurk. LOL. The older fans seemed so much cooler than me (and totally were if I’m being honest.) So cool for you to reconnect with the band. They’ve always been my main band, and their albums have always arrived just when I needed them to, if that makes any sense.

In terms of collections, I don’t really have much. I only have a few vinyl and all the shirts from the shows I went to. I’m really into collecting vinyl, but I have to make sure I also make rent. LOL.

Anyway, welcome back! <3


@_tonibell Hey, thanks!

Yeah, you do make sense. For me, personally, a lot of really fucked up shit has happened to me beginning at a very young age, due a lot in part to the situation I was born into, and AFI was really the only stable, comforting thing in my life for many, many years. I feel like this is something of a running theme among a lot of AFI fans, honestly. I remember so many times listening to Davey’s lyrics in the middle of the night when I had literally nothing else and thinking someone actually gets it, someone actually understands. I remember listening to songs and for the first time feeling like I’m not a totally fucked up freak. A lot of times it really felt like he’d taken the words right out of my mouth, or like he’d somehow looked inside my soul and translated into poetry what he saw there. This is even true to this day. Over the last year or so I’ve been listening to Black Sails a lot, so many things in that album I still relate to, maybe even more so now than any other time in my life.

Sorry, didn’t mean to bleed my heart out about that stuff, I hope I don’t scare anyone away. :laughing:

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Nah, didn’t scare me. :slight_smile: I feel the same way about them. They had that mix of melodic rock with a punk edge coupled with more cerebral lyrics that really spoke to me, even as a kid (I was ten when I first got into them). And my preteen, teenage, and even early 20s were awful. I just hit the 27 mark, and I still find myself needing them a lot. They’re the kind of band that sticks with you.


@_tonibell Yeah for sure, they’re still by far the most unique band I’ve ever heard.

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Oh, definitely. Unique and talented, something that is lately rare.

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@Vanished when I spent the $150 on DOTP it was years ago… probably in '03. I think there were only like 500 copies (?) of that EP released so the one day I saw it on eBay… it was mine… it was mine. Same with the times I saw the Black Sails EP and the Black Sails AP EP.

It’s funny you mention the Nitro years when they were releasing all of that vinyl, but what happened? You never got what you ordered? Weren’t they all like $10 each? I remember going on nitrorecords.com vigorously like everyday to see if they had put up any more colored vinyl to sell… I’m pretty sure I got like 90% of it, if not more. My FAVORITE and most prized one is the greyish/purpleish Black Sails marble vinyl (limited to 300 or 500) signed by the whole band at a DF Meet & Greet years back. I got that vinyl signed and my AFI Art skate deck signed. :slight_smile:

I have over 50 AFI shirts. My most prized ones are the very early '96 shirts of “Throw Me Away” and “File 13”… very rare AFI shirts but that have such distinguishing art on them. I have most DF packages, except Burials, which saddens me… again, it was during a time where I was listening to them, just not digging into things online at the time.

Yes, listening to their old stuff even now is like my parents listening to oldies (kind of). I mean, I could blast “High School Football Hero” and totally jam out… I LOVE that song. AOD was my entry album though back in 2000. I remember this kid named Eric had the CD on a portable CD player and said I needed to listen to this. He gave me his head phones and I was listening to “Inititation… Lost Souls…”. From there… hooked. I don’t know if hooked is even that right word… I feel I need such a literal word to describe it… perhaps, swallowed?

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO GO THAT SHOW. You don’t even have to be close to the stage. Just enjoy the show from the balcony (if there is one). If you’ve never seen them… please go see them here soon while they’re on tour. I’m from PA and can’t do any crazy traveling to see them anymore on this tour unless I’d win some sort of lottery, so yes, please go see them, You need to complete your AFI life a little more. :wink:

@STORMS Yeah I think there were only 500 copies of DOTP. I looked for it a few years ago, but no one was even selling it. I couldn’t find a vendor anywhere. That’s sick that you have the Black Sails EP too.

The whole thing with the Nitro vinyl happened when a couple of weeks after I ordered the five LPs, my bank cancelled my debit card for suspected identity theft (unrelated to the Nitro problem). The problem with Nitro was that my entire order was placed on back order for some reason, which I later found out through social media was due to a problem with one of the records (can’t remember what exactly they claimed had happened). And for some reason they put a lot of people’s orders on back order because of that. I kept trying to get in touch with them because of the issue with my debit card, but not one person from Nitro ever got back to me. Fast forward like six months, I get a generic email from them saying my card was declined and my entire order had been cancelled. Well no shit, that card no longer existed, which I had been trying to tell them. I was pissed and tried to get in touch with them again, only to find out the vinyl was out of stock. Just really terrible (nonexistent) customer service. The least they could have done was answer one of my efforts to get in touch with them so I could pay with a different card. I don’t know if they were ever back in stock, because I was just done with them at the point. There was the thing with the repressing of All Hallows as well. I was so angry I deliberately didn’t buy it. Now I sort of regret that, but seriously…goddamnit.

I can’t remember exactly when and where I was or which song I first heard. I do remember that the first album cover I saw was AOD. The first album I heard in its entirety was Black Sails.

I’ll have to see about going to the show. :laughing: Money is a problem for me right now, not that the ticket is expensive, but driving there is the issue. I live north of Charlotte, I really hoped they were going to play here because that would have been way closer and easier for me. My car is old, I don’t know when I’m going to get a better job because right now I can barely pay bills. Plus I’d be going alone, I don’t know Atlanta too well. I know, all of this kind of sounds like excuses, but they’re legitimate concerns.

Balcony would probably be the way to go. I’ve not been in the pit much since I was a teenager. Last concert I went to was 7 Seconds(!) a couple of years ago. I managed to get on the barricade. Sick show. For a bunch of guys in their 50s they tore it the fuck up. But toward the end of the set, someone cracked me in the head with his elbow, and I was seeing double for about a week. This was only about a year after I’d had a concussion after someone assaulted me. Can’t say I’m fond of the pit anymore after that. :laughing: I saw Rancid and Sick Of It All in New York years ago and some guy was like…laying on my head for the entire duration of Roots Radicals, and I couldn’t breathe, I was punching him in the kidneys trying to him off me, but he wouldn’t so finally I just bit him in the neck because I was about to suffocate. :laughing:

I keep telling myself I really should go see them at least once while I can, because no one knows how much longer they’ll be around, and despite what the band says, I’m not too sure if this is their last tour or not. It’s obvious to me that since CL their focus has sort of been elsewhere, on their side projects and other interests. I’ve always dreamed about seeing AFI live, but I don’t think it could ever come close to the real thing. I bet they’re loud motherfuckers. :smirk:

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I actually took my DOTP ep cover to Starland in hopes of getting it signed… but getting the set list unexpectedly changed that. :slight_smile:

I didn’t want to make them sign too many things. I stuck to the old DF meet and greet rule, two things. :slight_smile:


Im an older afi fan as well.ive never joined an internet site like this as im not into that kind of thing til i found this site.everyone here seems super cool and helps each other out.and helps each other locate rarities an thats a relief for me somewhat although i enjoy a hunt.afi are one of my most favorite bands ever.

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Welcome! It’s great to keep picking up fans as we go. This forum will be 1 year old in June. :slight_smile: