Out of print Sing for Sorrow vinyl

Why is it that so many of AFI’s old albums are relatively easy to get on vinyl, but ‘Sing for Sorrow’ is an out-of-print holy grail? Why is it that album, arguably their first album to break into the mainstream, is the hardest to get? Who would be responsible for another printing? The band or the record label?

Sing the sorrow only had one print run, and was fairly limited. Whereas the nitro albums have had many, and while some variants are extremely difficult to find, you won’t have any trouble getting at least one version of them.

I guess given the price and effort it takes to produce a vinyl album, it’s just not really worth it for whoever holds the rights. While on an Individual basis a private seller would make a small fortune on an individual item, it doesn’t mean that a significant demand is there for printing say 1-2000 copies.


I’d disagree with this statement. I think even a 2k pressing amount would sell out fairly quickly as even casually listeners of the band really want to own this on vinyl. I say this as a frequent member of a couple vinyl forums. Even on reddit people lament at how hard it is to find a copy of it at reasonable prices.

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I agree. Even on a limited 2k pressing it would sell out really quick. I for one would buy one. I was young when that album came out and didn’t think about getting anything in vinyl back then.

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totally agree. one of their best albums reprinted on vinyl would sell out fast. The only reason the price is so high for them now is because theres a high demand, and sellers are taking advantage of that.

A platinum album can easily move a few thousand special edition vinyl reprints.