Personal Tattoo Concepts


I decided to make this based on all of the ideas I’ve had for my next tattoo… yet being indecisive at the same time.

Icons like this as well as the STS icons, plus the SYMAOYE hands (in booklet)


So after my consult last week, we decided on using the All Hallows, AOD and BSITS artwork as a base as they are all similar and colorful. I am then peppering in the STS logos, the CL Heart somewhere in it, replacing the moon with the Burials Eclipse, leaving the Blood drops on my wrist, and the SYM hands from the inner art somewhere in the graveyard. Throw in a couple rabbits, and possibly use the GNG single heartrose somewhere in it too. She’s designing it up and I get the outline done on Jan 16.


I may actually keep mine simple and just black out part of my arms. Meaning, get some design, but all else is blacked out. I’m thinking it might even be cheaper since there’s less detail to worry about.

That’s what I need to do though - set up a meeting with my tattoo artists and go from there.


Dude that Black Sails icon is exactly what I want for my tattoo.