Photo of the AFI "holy grail" Dork EP, ever seen one signed?

If you’re in to AFI, then you know that the original Dork EP 7" is by far the rarest and most-prized piece of memorabilia you could own as an AFI fan. I came across this image of this person’s Dork EP that they also had it signed by everyone who could make it all the more meaningful: Davey Havok, Adam Carson (pictured on the Dork), Geoff Kresge (AFI’s original bassist) and Jade Puget (currently AFI’s guitarist, but at the time of the Dork EP was actually the guitarist for Loose Change, whom the Dork EP is a split with). NOTE: That Jade’s signature is noted to be on the back of the record, on the Loose Change side.

I am not going to link to the person who posted this out of respect to them. However, I did invite them here to post about it. I’ve been trying to invite as many people to this forum as possible. Anyway, to an AFI addict like myself… when I look at this piece it’s like a car collector looking at an original Cobra.

To the owner of this piece… I applaud you and hail you.

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I too have mine signed and also signed by loose change

My stomach sinks yet a little more with jealousy. Now, I demand you post photos… :slight_smile:

Also, do you have any of the test pressings by chance or either Behind the Times or Eddies?

EDIT: You can actually take photos via this site when you’re mobile - FYI. I’ve done it. Just hit the upload button.

I did but sold them long ago. I had broken my hand and needed money :frowning:

The only test press i have is the fly in the ointment

Insert crying gif image

i tagged you on instagram on some of my 7inch i have

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Are both versions of Behind the Times the same? NICE collection!

Different, one is opaque and other is translucent

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Which version do you have then, because I’m not seeing any here that say translucent.

I will tag u on instagram

Wow man that is awesome,how did you track down loose change

It’s the first “semi-opaque” pressing. The vinyl is black but becomes translucent when you hold it up to light.

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