Pictures from Ukiah High and the Quad where AFI had 1st show

Hey everyone,I found these pictures from a few years back.I was lucky enough to have my State Finals meet at Ukiah High,as a huge AFI fan I was super excited,it was destiny lol.I wore AFI shirts everyday there and no one seemed to notice,I was like what’s wrong with you guys it’s like I was visiting the mecca.Anyway I got a picture of the school sign but mainly the quad which where the first show they ever played was,I totally fanboyed out.I remember during the last leg of the ST
S tour Afi was going to play a small benefit show at Ukiah Skatepark aka “low gap” it would have been their first hometown show since the quad pictured below,sadly it was scrapped as Davey had to get treatment for his voice and the remaining dates were cancelled.Davey screamed his ass off all those years and especially during STS shows like the MTV ard rock live "Miseria and TLSP2 "those were amazing - YouTube