Pictures with the band


I looked around and didn’t see a thread like this. Am I blind? :smile:

Anyway, do you have pictures with the band? If so, care to share? I always love seeing fan pics with the guys.

Here are some of my incredibly awkward photos? I always look retarded in some way or another :sweat_smile:

When you tell yourself not to smile like a retard and end up looking like a raging b**** :joy:

Let’s see yours :heart:


@ZoeAimee wow… you have a very impressive collection of photos… Wow.

I don’t have any photos with the whole band - amazing!

BTW if you search for a thread on here and don’t get any results, just create one. :wink:

Thank you!


@STORMS Sweet!! I’ll do that.

And thank you. I really should get some updated ones but I feel so awkward asking them these days! Back then I was young and carefree :smile:


Not at all! Your photos are great. I need new ones, lol.


More importantly, you should post the ones you have :wink:


I wish I had photos with any of the band! But alas, I have this thing where I lose the ability to speak around people I admire and i’m Always at AFI shows on my lonesome, so nobody to bail me out with the word making skills…


These are my older ones from a 2003 Meet & Greet (when they still did those)

News ones from last year (Davey left right after the show :frowning: )

I did post those on here somewhere already, but I forget what thread it was… :slight_smile:


@sayasha I completely get that. I’m always tripping over my words and go utterly blank.
I can talk to Adam with no problem, he is so chill. Hunter as well! Jade makes me nervous for some reason and Davey… yeah, I can barely function around him. Which is crazy cause he’s the nicest guy, but as soon as I look into his eyes I turn into a goddamn mute fool :rofl:


@STORMS Ahhh those are incredible!!! The jealousy is real that you have pics from that era.


You’re not alone here… I remember being so frightened/star-struck approaching Davey back then… I can only imagine how I’d be if I get the chance to meet him again next weekend, lol. The man has been my IDOL and the man I’ve looked up to the most since 2000 when I first heard AFI’s The Art of Drowning. Something clicked; hooked.

I would never been seen without an AFI shirt and be known among everyone I knew that I was an “AFI kid”.


Wow! Awesome pictures! I wish I had one with them :frowning: One day for sure! :smiley:

And BTW…is Jade always that enthusiastic?

I’m sure that if I ever get a picture with them…my smile is going to last for a couple of months at least… :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried so hard tonight! I met Adam super quick but he was not in a picture taking vibe. I saw Jade from afar and I got Davey’s attention as he hopped in a car to leave the venue, but he was in a hurry. I did get a wave though, so I’ll just bask in the glory of having a “moment”, lol. I’ll try again next time I get to see them. I’ll get that signature on my arm yet! Lol


Nice efforts! I had to leave after their set. I bought a bunch of AFI merch and left. Seeing them again tonight!


Have an awesome time! Looking forward to hearing about it and seeing pics/video :black_heart:


@Cher_I_Despair so far was one of, if not the ONLY one I’ve seen get any photos with the band on this leg of the tour. He was lucky enough to get a photo with Adam. :slight_smile:

I love Adam… he was super easy to talk to, so humble.


Adams always such a great guy ive talked to him almost every show on first leg and hunter a few times while walking around. Davey waved at me while in the car down the road after the fan girls were chasing the car down the road. Only one I havent seen or said anything to was jade I could have but he was with marissa on the boardwalk and I didnt want to be a rude ass like some were.


Man… if I didn’t have to leave like right away when AFI was done I would’ve surely stuck around. How long after their set did you see Adam?

EDIT: Now seeing the set list again… holy shit was that an awesome set list! 17 Crimes, Greetings, DOTP, No Poetic Device… damn, lol.


He was side stage literally a few mins after afis set rise hadnt even started yet


I’m hoping I see Adam at one of the shows i’m going to! I’ve got a cute hand made hat for Luka!


I gave him a half dozen of vegan donuts to share but Adam ate most of them :joy::joy::joy:Ill never know if Davey had one Hunter told me he had a couple.