POLL: What AFI relics to you collect specifically?


  • Everything (as much as possible)
  • Vinyl
  • CDs (singles, advance versions, etc)
  • Pendants & Accessories
  • Shirts & Hoodies
  • Collector’s specific items (STS book, etc)
  • Posters, lithos, photos, etc

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:wink: I’m currently collecting “likes” on Instagram for my concert photos from Hunter and DREAMCAR! :blush: I would have picked that option on the poll if it was available! :rofl:


LOL only you @Ophelia :slight_smile:


Usually it’s just vinyl, though if I see something interesting, I’ll get it, so I picked “everything.” For other bands it’s just vinyl.


I primarily collect records, but I’ve amassed a decent collection of promo CDs too.


So I don’t collect anything. I just really like the band. I thought I was a super fan, but after spending some time here I feel like a casual fan reading the stuff you all talk about.


Awww, no, @Mankey! Just because you don’t collect anything doesn’t mean you’re not a super fan! To be honest, I’m not hardcore about the collecting; I just love my vinyl and some of the memorabilia. :frowning: And we love having you here!

Collecting does not make you a bigger fan than others who don’t collect!


Oh for sure. It’s fun to see all the things you guys have and read about things I never knew.
I have a shirt and like 4 or 5 cds. But having any physical music is not normal for me. That’s how I show my commitment.


Haha, I have a friend who shows commitment by even knowing the band name. :slight_smile:


Don’t mind the collections - we all have different things. It’s just neat to see what all else everyone else has.

We’re super happy to have you here. :slight_smile:

And actually some of you have a much bigger collection than I do. The only thing I may have people on is apparel, mainly shirts.


I’m not much of a collector of anything… except I kind of hoard art and craft supplies. For bands, the thing I usually grab most are shirts. Represent? Lol.


I don’t really have much of a collection, I don’t have the money or storage space for it. I do, however, have some CDs, I keep the all the tickets to shows I’ve been to, and I usually buy at least one t-shirt per tour. I’ve been trying to build up my CD collection lately, I originally got most of my music from a friend who probably pirated it and I want to make my library a little more legitimate.


I have my tickets too! So I guess that’s sort of my collection as well. I don’t know what I’d do with them though.


@Mankey I am displaying my 2017 tickets:


I don’t have much of a collection either. I have some shirts, cds, a patch or two, maybe a poster, and a couple of tickets. Most of my shirts are worn the fuck out and the rest is in storage somewhere. I did get this beauty at the Las Vegas show


Very nice! It looks like a tour exclusive shirt. Does it have anything on the back?


Yeah I was trying to see if it was sold at any other venues but couldn’t find anything. I almost didn’t get it but my husband convinced me and I’m so glad I did lol. It doesn’t have anything on the back


The upper-right shirt looks new too…

That eyes shirt is neat but I was already spending so much at Sayreville… lol. The DF shirt was a no-brainer… :slight_smile:


I wanted the eyes shirt but they were out of my size :frowning:️ But I guess that’s a good thing otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten that blue one :blush:


Im hopibg to find the black sts and the black crash love.i saw an autographed blsck sts that was a hundred bux but i was broke.sux for me.its gonna take me forever to get them but im hoping.also i collect all the different issues of an album so i have to designate a whole section to afi soon.i collect mcr as well.