Possible hint that AFI is in the studio?

Came across this post of a recent picture of Jade with. Yamaha endorsement saying he’s been using it in the studio,well from being a gear head and fanboy I know Jade uses multiple types of Gibsons,Tele and strats for cleans and overdubs.He usually mentions alot of his gear he uses.I’ve also known engineers due to a project I’m slowly working on where various people from all Jade era albums and there was no yamaha electric

The Revstar has great tone, I’ve been using it in the studio quite a bit and I love the versatility and character it can bring to a song.”
-@jadepuget , @AFI (1973-present)


That’s was my first thought after I saw the picture of Facebook…let’s hope they are! :smiley:

I hope so man they have had downtime.I wonder what kind of endorsement because if they’re doing an ad campaign Jade will be using these on stage that’s kind of the point,unless he just got a good deal where they paid him to endorse it for studio use,but Jades serious about his gear so I reckon wel be seeing these on stage.I’m curious to play one myself.

I saw that and I wondered the same thing. And from being an instagram stalker it would appear they are all in LA until they leave on tour. Fingers crossed!


They definitely are up to something then! Tour ep of bsides would be awesome they have 100 of songs we’d love to hear but I doubt that will happen,Hope they’re in the studio thouh,good work on the instagram research


An EP would be so hype, but I doubt it. All I know is that I’ll be buying out the merch if anything is different… I hope so.

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I think the dates you’re going to are before mine (since i’m In the home stretch) and I expect a full merch report!

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No worries. I’ll be taking lots of pics are posting them here directly.

Using the forums via mobile is so simple in that regard.