Post Your "New" Stuff

Similar to the thread we have for posting about new AFI items, this thread is for posting about anything new that you got and you want to share it.

I’ll start. :slight_smile:

This is NOT a photo of me, but it’s a photo of the jacket I recently purchased for $30. It’s a black coated, William Rast black jean jacket. It’s a Justin Timberlake brand. I got it in a small and it’s even stretchy how I like.

I was mainly excited about this jacket due to it being Davey-inspired for me. I’m currently working on growing my hair out similar to how Davey’s hair was during Burials.

I’ll aim to post of photo of my actually wearing it soon. This is the coolest jean jacket I’ve ever seen, plus I got it for a damn good price considering William Rast brand items are not cheap.


That’s cool. How are you styling it? Tighter black jeans, straight leg, v-neck shirt, crew neck?

And good luck on growing the hair out!


This Christmas I got STS and DU and legitimately cried, aiming for those other 8


on CD, vinyl…? What format? And you can probably find copies cheap on Amazon. :slight_smile: If I find any extra copies around my house, I’ll let you know.

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on CD, yeah, my mother got em both from Amazon, but my birthdays coming up really soon, what’s a better time to ask!:grin:


Go for it. While you’re at it, ask for “I Heard a Voice.” It’s a great live DVD set during the Decemberunderground era.

Happy early birthday! <3


why thank you😁
I swoon every time I watch it😂


It is swoon worthy material.


I was actually thinking about customizing it with the blood drops on the back but this thing is sweet… I may just leave it as is.

I actually do love v-necks but yeah, I’m gonna aim to take a photo the next time I wear it to showcase how nice it is. I’m probably gonna call it my Burials jacket.

And thanks! My hair hasn’t been this long in years so it’s exciting.