Profound sense of nostalgia the very first time you ever heard AFI?

So I remember talking to people on the old boards about this years ago and it led me to believe I’m not the only one, but did anyone else get the feeling they had heard AFI before, the very first time you heard them, even though you knew you hadn’t?

The first AFI album I ever heard was Black Sails in the Sunset, back in September 2000 I believe it was, and I remember feeling such a strange sense of connection when I heard The Prayer Position and God Called in Sick Today, like this memory I was struggling to recall, like I’d heard these songs somewhere before even though I knew that I hadn’t. The same thing happened when I listened to The Art of Drowning, with most of the songs, but I remember listening to that album and looking at the cover and reading the track list and just feeling that this was familiar somehow. It also happened with Sing the Sorrow, with Dancing Through Sunday and …but home is nowhere. It hasn’t happened with any other album.

My only explanation for this is there must be something in the lyrics which somehow mirrored my own thoughts and feelings or something, like I had thought those very same things before. I don’t know. I just remember finding it very eerie. Like it was this sensory experience or something, a memory from far in the past which had suddenly resurfaced. Did anyone else have an experience like this? It’s hard to explain. Like it was something that had been lost long ago and I’d found it again.

Oh and one more thing. I’ve never shared this with anyone, but when I was a little kid I used to curl up in the corner of my room and think to myself “I want to go home” but always feeling like home is nowhere, because my mom was abusive and my father was rarely around, so I felt like I didn’t have a home and like no one loved me. Anyway, I distinctly remember that I even scribbled on the wall between the doorframe and the corner “I want to go home…but home is nowhere”. This was years before Sing the Sorrow was even written. You can imagine how completely floored I was when Sing the Sorrow came out and I saw that fucking song title. It gave me the creeps.

Anyway, just something I thought of today while I was at work and listening to AFI, since it’s Sing the Sorrow’s sweet sixteen. :slight_smile:


In ways after I got into AFI bit not such much beforehand.

Before AFI, I was lost.

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For me it wasn’t so much a sense of nostalgia as a profound sense of being understood. Black Sails in the Sunset felt like home, even when my own home didn’t. It’s still the album I return to when i’m Having a really bad time, and Sing the Sorrow, decemberunderground, and art of drowning to a lesser extent.

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YES I totally agree. For a very long time, these four guys were the only people in the entire world who I felt understood me. I always felt like no one thought like me or feels the way I feel, but listening to Davey’s lyrics especially, about isolation and misanthropy and the existential themes he touched on in Sing the Sorrow, and hearing him talk in interviews, made me feel an immediate and very human connection with him and the rest of the band. Listening to those albums makes me feel like I belong when I’ve never belonged anywhere else. I still feel this way to this day.

Speaking of Black Sails, I listened to that album on the way home today. It’s a nice day and the sun was setting and I was driving with the windows down and like for just a little while I almost felt happy. I swear whenever I really listen again I feel both this great comfort and familiarity but also like I’m hearing them again for the first time. I just fall in love with them over and over again no matter how many times I listen to those songs.

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