Question autograph authenticity Jade

Hey guys,I’m rebuilding my DU singles autograph inserts as my 7inch set and my four DU were stolen (by a family member at that)anyways came across this great deal but does not look like jade at all,I have a few to compare personally and searched the net and I see nothing of resemblance.The j is not there and the taill and line or two are absent,he coukdve been signing alot butWhat do you all thinks-l500 (28)

Personally I think it looks like a forgery. I’ve never seen his signature like that. The letters are too wide and spaces between them too big. Jade’s signature is very tall and narrow and the letters sort of cramped, and every autograph I’ve seen he puts like an exclamation point or something that looks like it at the end.

Yeah I have quite a lot of stuff signed but it doesn’t look anything like that.

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Thanks guys sadly I had a gut feeling I wanted to gift it to someone in the community.oh well

Sorry this is late, but it is questionable. However, this is a signature I got from Jade on 6/18/17.

I don’t have any AFI signatures, but I have a shit load of Enter Shikari ones (they just sign everything when they release it :joy:). One or 2 of them have changed drastically from piece to piece. Not uncommon for sigs to change or be vastly different especially if done in a rush. Guess the only way to really if you don’t have confirmed authenticity is a forensic examiner, but that’s quite extreme!

Yours has the lil hoop on the e,he always does, your just missing the two lines after the and the j is a little drunk (people can be straight edge,autographs of these people dont)you got the epic hot topic shoot signed by the whole band?is davey holding the shovel or boat paddle,if he is wearing the ugly sweater that shit is priceless storms

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All mine auto look like yours,can’t chalk it up to hangover as jade don’t drink

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Yeah I have two versions. I bought the magazine twice. I was able to get Jade and Hunter to sign it. I just need Adam and Davey then I’ll frame it. :slight_smile:

“Who’s afraid of the dark?!?”

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Oh man I bet Davey would get a kick out of signing those.The group one I kind of dig it’s like 4 quys chilling in the swamp at night nothing weird,if I remember correctly,then one member goes unnoticed and changes into this hot piece of couture,I have to get this signed in person !
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