Questions... (analyzing changes with the DF)

Does anyone know whatever happened to They were AFI’s merch provider for a while, PLUS the Despair Faction packages came from CinderBlock.(Not to mention, CinderBlock also assisted with the “Under the Rose” magazine! :frowning: - would explain why there has never been any more past the 2nd issue)

Then I saw that the Burials package was through GroundCNTRL, who then turned into . Now WonderfulUnion does fan services, but AFI’s DF emails came from WMG (Warner Music Group). Their merch looks like it actually comes from who’s Parent Organization is Warner Music Group.

So clearly, THIS is why the DF package has changed so much over the years…

Perhaps, this could be my video part 2?

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I think that as they’ve grown older and as heavily involved in art in general as Davey is, I’ve always assumed it was simply the band themselves growing and changing as individuals and trying to keep their commercial representation on par with their personal growth.

Or it could be as simple as Cinder block went out of business in late 2013/early 2014. They were forced to find another company to handle their merch.

Also, I like that they went with WMG for merch services. They always have reliable shipping services.

I’m thinking this is the case, because CinderBlock is just non-existent anymore. However, again, this explains a lot… including the “Under the Rose” disappearance.

Sorry guys I thought you meant artistic development and changes in color and imagery.

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NP I’ve just been trying to play “catch-up” with the DF since February of this year. A lot has changed and I’ve been trying to nail down why and how.