Random AFI-related questions

I thought it might be good to start a thread for small questions, perhaps not worthy of their own thread but which we still want to ask :slight_smile:

So… I have been wondering…I don’t think I’ve ever seen or read an interview where Davey talks about how he got his stage name. Does anyone know? Why did he, Mark and Vic have stage names but not Adam? (and why was Mark’s Stopholese? It doesn’t sound like an ‘obvious’ stage name to me, unlike Davey’s).

Nice thread I never thought of that.My guess would to be similar to mephistophelese those boys loved their literature ukiah high must’ve had a legendary English teacher.I have no idea about Daveys but it makes me jealous how he is always ten steps ahead and the coolest guy.love them all.
I got one when vic was interviewed after he left he remembered Afi standing for all f****** idiots or a bunch of f***** idiots he worried about them stocking cds with that name,I look on their earlier bmi credit and its anthem for in subordinates this is prior ex noctem nacimur. For some reason I like to tell myself it’s always been a fire inside I don’t want to be that guy,but with all that popping up it wouldn’t be suprising to always go by afi and not reveal the true meaning then when they got signed it went to something else.Itl always be a fire inside to me

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I’ve always thought Davey’s may be inspired a bit by Bowie (who’s original name was David Jones) and havok…I always think of the phrase ‘cry havoc and loose the dogs of war’. Maybe it ties into that? It’s a good question though.

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Ooh so maybe no one knows for definite :astonished:. Thanks @sayasha and @dnlkdwll for your theories. I wasn’t aware of the X-men connection. Same spelling as well :thinking:
Defo prefer the Bowie theory to the X-men theory :wink: but who knows. What a man of mystery :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Ksf145 until now, I had always thought it was pronounced Stop-holese and not Stofholese, if I’d twigged earlier, I might have got the reference. Although I must admit, the closest thing I knew to Mehistopholese was Mr Mistofelees from Cats (apparently inspired by Mehistopholese)! Sometimes I feel I just don’t know enough history/classic literature/symbolism to be a fan of this band!

So any guesses as to why ‘Chalker’ was Vic’s stage name?

P.s. @Ksf145 is that the same interview where Vic claims Davey intially wanted to call the band ‘bananas in the rough’? :laughing::laughing: I’m glad they never went with that name!

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I’m going with the X-Men theory. A story about misfits that are outcasts in society for being different with a large X for a symbol. I can see why an 18 year old straight edge boy would draw inspiration from that particular comic.


LOL hahaha Yes it is,I totally forgot about bananas in the rough,imagine the tattoos,the despair faction would have a way different name I won’t even attempt a joke on that ! I met a guy who teaches violin to my highschool classmate few years ago,turns out he knows davey and the guys they wanted him to record some violin,anyways he use to work with davey at the fruitplace (I don’t want to give out too much but I’m sure you all know )and Davey would always do something with the bananas like cut out the bottom of the box,throw them,glue them together,put them on your seat before you sit so I guess bananas are more abundant than diamonds in ukiah.

I found a video that starts with the question I asked about the Afi name


@dnlkdwll Fair point. Why Havok though? He doesn’t seem like the most interesting character from my extremely limited knowledge of X-men.

Idk Havok is pretty cool imo.

Maybe it sounds the best? (Seriously, try swapping it out for any of the other characters names.) Maybe the V in the middle like the name Davey was intentional? Idk. I just don’t think it’s coincidence that he spells his stage name like the character.

Davey exaggerates the truth a ton. At this point in his career, I don’t we will ever get an honest answer as to why he chose Havok.

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I bet it’s along the lines of ‘saw it, liked it, used it’ and then it stuck