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I’ve only really had any experience with Mary being a jerk - she was the one who posted the original garbage about LGBTQIA people and then laughed at me, and she was also the one posting racist shit - but no one else working for them ever did anything about it. So they’re just as bad. This was around the time Burials was released so I have no idea if any of these people are involved with HQ anymore, nor do I care. I was done with them from that point on. Sounds like not much has changed though, regardless if Mary still works for them or not.

@Vanished I assumed they started around CL because they claim to have started then, they made this 10 year anniversary post about it in February

And from what I can tell, hq is just two guys and a woman (who is openly gay)

I have no idea how long these people have been in charge of the hq cause I only started paying attention to hq recently, but it sucks that you @Vanished received harassment from hq. I’ve read in various places that people don’t like hq and I never found the reason why, but yeah if they harassed me too I’d be pissed.

And yeah telling people to “not be negative” or whatever is just subtle gaslighting…

The new mod team took over during CL, that’s what I assume they’re referring to. HQ was around way before then, I remember the site being pretty different back then, too, and it was way better, with a lot more content and better design. Everything changed when the team changed.

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Yeah the website has zero content now, it’s all gone, which is why I love that I can find so much content on this site :blush:

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AFI News HQ was first named aficrashlove, and was created by “Jason”, whose real name was Imran Cronk back in February 2009, when the “Valentine’s Day is Fake” stuff came up. It was created exactly to solve yet another “mystery” put out by AFI as a lame way to hype things up for Crash Love. Maybe the forum people are referring to circa 2006 was AFI Series by ixnay and Alli?

I was first invited by Jason to join HQ. Then I think Mary joined, and then James. Mary was kicked out for a period of time after she gave afinewshq’s log in info to an idiot who deleted all the entries for the blog.

I should still have in my old email, a message sent to me by Mary she was going to “call the señor in Mexico and kill me with a machete”.

I left AFI News HQ because I wasn’t allowed to voice my opinion. Jason left and Mary and James became fanboys and everything HQ is now.

They are a pair of sellouts who will do anything to get their private meet and greets whenever AFI goes to their town.

That’s why I love these forums. Because we’re not sellouts.


Holy shit. Thank you for sharing your experience, as awful as it was. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that :pensive:

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THANK YOU @Blag AGAIN for resurrecting the Patreon I made for these forums…


And you know what… it’s my first time seeing this and I was very surprised and honored by the amount contributed and pledged… what better way to celebrate this than to pay it forward during enrollment.

We’re now officially running a contest for a DF package giveaway!!! @Acidpickle @Vanished @Cher_I_Despair @Pablo @dnlkdwll


@STORMS Don’t need to mention it :slight_smile: I’m so glad that the Patreon came back to live and I’m surprise to see the amount of contributions! That’s awesome! :smiley:

The Giveaway is the just so cool! Hope we have a lot of entries! :smiley: Keep going! Never let the dark flame stop burning! :smiley:


I don’t think anyone would mind if you put the Patreon link in a more obvious place, such as in the scrolling header on top of the home page, or a button or menu item somewhere. Don’t worry about it looking distasteful. In fact, as a user I would appreciate knowing the option to support the site is there and being able to quickly find it.


I will do this. Thanks for the suggestion - great idea!


This is now live at the top of the forums. :slight_smile:

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Nice! Glad the suggestion was helpful :slight_smile: