REGISTRATION CLOSED! Despair Faction open for enrollment until 8/31/18!


08.28.18 UPDATE: DF Card Bundles have #SOLDOUT !!! BOTH!!!

If you used to be part of the DF and need to update your information Now is a great time to do it!

Unfortunately for those who haven’t nabbed a bundle yet, may be out of luck unless they restock the preorders before Friday. However, you can STILL enter the Despair Faction by entering your email information.

The Despair Faction registration is open again!

Annoys me that they just keep it open for a week. Just leave the thing open and let people join whenever


I would love to know who actually manages the DF. Honestly, I would love to help manage it.

Regardless, the entry times I guess just make it more exciting when it does open?



I’m ordering the bundle for sure! :smiley: With a extra DF card…one to carry with me and the other to keep safe :wink:


@sayasha I finally got a sec to merge my thread with yours. Thank you for posting this earlier! I was at work so I was just in a hurry to get it posted quick. :slight_smile:


I was also at work trying to get it up! Great minds think a like!


BOTH bundles have SOLD OUT!!! That is awesome!

Our contest winner got the LAST ONE (believe it or not). Wow. Right after I purchased it, the regular bundle said “out of stock”.


Woaw! That’s cool :smiley: Specially being the last one…makes it even more special :wink:


Regular bundles WITHOUT CARD are back in stock but in limited quantities! S, L and XL available - link below!


Hopefully everyone who wanted to join and/or get a bundle was able to. Registration is now closed.


Tbh, with the bundle not being like they used to be, I’m never interested anymore. Now if they have the shirt with them while on tour, I’ll definitely get one. Since the DU package, they just don’t do as much anymore but for the same price.


Look what came today!


You’re so lucky! I wish I had mine now :slight_smile: They send me a confirmation email without a tracking number…on the store page there is a tracking number but according to USPS is not ready yet :frowning: I have discovered that is one of the problems of living in Canada…anyway…hope it arrives soon and enjoy yours! :smiley:


I’m just south of the Canadian border, so hopefully yours gets there soon!


Dang I’m sad I missed it! I still have my original card but I’d love some new Df merch.