Remove Miss Murder from Every Set

Last night, in Atlanta, they didn’t play Leaving Song Part II, which is the first time in a long time I’ve seen that missing. Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind Miss Murder also disappearing from their set list? It’s not that it’s a bad song, it’s pretty good. It’s just, I’ve seen it and heard it so many times at this point that I’d rather replace it with something that I haven’t heard to death.

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I respect this…

The only song they keep playing and I love, is “I Hope You Suffer” because not only does Davey always interact with the crowd for that song… it’s clearly very meaningful and powerful to him.

But yet, I agree with you on Miss Murder.

Also, @BrandonsNotGrey you should recap us your experience. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t there last night, I just saw that they didn’t play Leaving Part II.

I would just trade Miss Murder for a different song. The songs I don’t want them to stop playing live are; I Hope You Suffer, Girls Not Grey, and Days of the Phoenix. Otherwise, I’d be cool with them pulling some of their other constant live songs.

I actually love Miss Murder live, but probably because of nostalgia. And I don’t know. I love the Leaving Song II, but seeing the Leaving Song I on there made me jealous. I’m not sure if there is a song that I would want removed for another (though I would trade anything to be PRESENT for a set with both Fall Children AND This Time Imperfect on it). Huh, this is a hard one.

I guess Miss Murder would have to go, but I actually would prefer I Hope You Suffer off and maybe have him interact with the crowd for a different song. Not sure.


Haha, yeah that’s what makes it so tough to decide. Fro example, I knew when AFI started playing Totalimmortal at Sayreville, NJ that there was a good chance Davey would enter the crowd. Honestly the excitement I felt when he entered the crowd and then he basically rolled our way… 1. I was glad I was recording it all 2. The only other time I’ve been that close to Davey or any other AFI members was during M&G’s.

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My view is this: any setlist is a good setlist; I’m just always thankful I have the opportunity and means to see them.


It’s tricky to remove Miss Murder at this point. There are a range of opinions on the song across AFI fans. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s their most polarizing track. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the song (especially the UK radio edit version), and consider it to be in the upper half of DU’s tracks. Not the best, but far from the worst.

But it’s very hard to argue the fact that it’s their biggest hit, and it always gets a powerful reaction. And sure, we can all point our noses up at the _filthy casuals_™ who go wild over it (not saying that anyone is doing that, but I’ve certainly heard that sentiment expressed before), but it creates a lot of high energy to close a show. I’m not saying that another song wouldn’t create that, but there is a certain percentage of people who expect to hear it when they see AFI, and would be disappointed if they didn’t play it.

It’d be like Bon Jovi not playing Livin’ on a Prayer or something.


A lot of good points being made…

In the end, I have to side with @_tonibell on this one.

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I guess there’s just a lot of AFI songs I like better than Miss Murder. And as much as I love all AFI, I’ve just heard it so many times. When we went in D.C. And I noticed they hadn’t played Miss murder before they left for encore, it was almost lackluster because you knew what they were going to play.

I like how they’ve been playing Miss Murder during their normal set this last leg of the tour, so there’s still that feeling of wondering what they might be playing when they come out for the encore. Especially with all the rarities they’ve been bringing out. It’s more fun for me, at least. But this opinion might just be me.

I don’t disagree with you on this by any means. I just respect the arguments and points being made. For example, you can’t tell me a longtime fan wouldn’t rather hear “Transference” or “Lower It” over a song like “Miss Murder”. As time goes on, those older songs are just going to be harder to come by.

The show I am most jealous of lately is the Columbus show with “Who Knew?” being played. I love that song. It has an indescribable deliverance for me.

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Okay, they played “Who Knew” in Maine SO WELL but ( again, I’m used to NYC/Jersey crowds where people are INSANE) the crowd didn’t get as into it. But when “Miss Murder” came on, the crowd went berserk. I think they need a guaranteed track or two that they know will consistently get them that reaction.

Anyway, like I said, any set is a good set. Do I love “Miss Murder?” Yep. Decemberunderground is one of my favorite albums by them. I was 16 when it came out, was not in a great place emotionally/mentally, so that album was a great solace to me. Hearing “Miss Murder” now is almost like a “yeah, you made it,” moment. It was a great gateway album for fans. For new fans, it wasn’t as extreme as something like Black Sails or even STS. For old fans, it promised a continued progression.

I’m just happy to see them live. I talk to a lot of fans who can’t see them for various reasons, and it breaks my heart that they can’t get that opportunity, especially because there’s something so cathartic about their shows.

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Yeah, to your point here… we have no place to complain; not that we’re complaining, but someone who hasn’t been as fortunate could very well take it that way.

Sounds like somebody is a real Hunter fan!

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I’m not complaining at all, and I second that we are lucky to be able to see them. I hope that everyone who really wants to at least gets to see them once, because no matter the set list, they always put on the best shows I’ve seen.

The opening bass riff in Lower It has got to be one of my favorite things in any song ever.


I know you’re not complaining! I had just been having a convo with someone about seeing AFI, and it killed me that they can’t see them. No worries!

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LMAO! Good call! I really wasn’t trying to set myself up like that but I guess I did. I did however, meet with Hunter at Sayreville… he is great. I got his autograph and photo. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I totally hear you on the Hunter love. I’ve appreciated him from early on. My friend who introduced me to AFI’s music in the first place was partly drawn to them because of Hunter’s basslines (he’s something of a bass player, himself), and they were so, so strong in those early records.

FWIW, I really liked Geoff’s basslines as well (I’m also a Tiger Army fan.) AFI has always been lucky with bassists… with the possible exception of Vic.


You know… I never put 2 & 2 together, but Midnight Sun is my favorite song… I always loved how it started. :slight_smile:

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