Rescuing Animals

I run one. I know people who run them.

I started this thread to help encourage animal rescue and give “Capt Storm” a place to move the animal rescue posts to…

Tell your stories!!!

Love you!!! :wink:

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Current in the healing process- 3 weeks roughly:

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I thought I’d share this too. Starving for months,
but here she is, scooting over to share water with one of our house rabbits.

Lola deserves every ounce of time and energy and money it takes to make her happy and comfy. She’s just a really great person. <3

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Awwwwww what a sweet baby. Take good care of her! :yellow_heart:


I promise!!! She’s definitely part of our pack now!!! <3

@Humma Great to see your dog’s progress :slight_smile:. I think a fair few peope on here might be interested in animals/animal rescue (myself included). Perhaps it should have it’s own thread in General Discussion? @STORMS or @_tonibell might be able to migrate the animal-related posts from this thread to a new one?

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I totally agree!

I think threads on vegan and vegetarian recipes and maybe one on exercise/health with no photos beyond instructional (no one needs to see some idiot showing off their underwear collection)…lol


Yep, good call. @Sugar_and_Ice being a Moderator already. :wink:

Whoever wants to create that specific thread, go for it and I can merge posts.

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This is Sabbath.

Our mean little leopard Geko who’s actually really sweet now that her massive polycystic ovary was removed. It was so big they had to drain fluid to remove it without breaking her ribs.

She was surrendered to me as a hospice!!! Now the vets believe with a simple life saving surgery, she will live about another 8 years! It was EXPENSIVE. $264.00 but she is alive and pain free. She’s fattening up and loves to be held and get neck scratches.

I got her for free. I just had to go get her and then spend the money to save her life. FAIR TRADE. WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. <3

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She’s beautiful :relaxed:. Never seen anything like her before. How many different types of animals do you have/rescue?

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Honestly I’ll rescue anything. Lol

Right now it’s

7 cats
4 dogs
2 giant American chinchilla house rabbits
2 ball pythons
1 guinea pig
1 leopard Geko

And I have an aquaintance from another rescue bringing me
4 finches and
2 doves soon.

Plus we have several Beta fish, because I adore tho too!

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And thank you. I am madly in love with her. I got lost in those little eyes the second we met. :wink:

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