Returning to AFI land

I’ve been drawn back to this world after being distracted by reality for some years. I discovered AFI in 2002 when a friend gave me a copy of AOD and I was immediately obsessed. I still remember sitting on the couch listening to it straight through in awe of it and how I hadn’t heard anything like it before. That memory will stay with me forever and that album will always mean more to me than anything.

I joined the DF around '04 and was on the old boards though I mainly lurked. I think my username was starvingstatic. I gradually stopped following them as much around 2011. I saw them this summer and was immediately reminded of why I love this band so much. So here I am, ready to be a part of whatever is next.

Random sidenote - I really miss my “Happy Birthday from The Despair Faction” emails.


Welcome to the forums <3

Welcome @astheycry .

You and I have much in common. Thank you for finding us.

Welcome! :smiley: I’m sure you will love this forums :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome, y’all. Looking forward to being apart of the community. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seriously, every single person who finds this forum and acts like they’ve just found home… gives me chills. It just means it’s working and I love it.

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It really does feel like home. Thanks so much for creating it!