Russian Flexi disc bootlegs


This seller on eBay is unloading a bunch of flexi bootlegs, including a handful from AFI.

Clicky here

I’ve only ever heard about these. Never seen them for sale before.


Thanks for the info!


I can’t wait to see how truly terrible these are


I remember back around 2007 seeing a My Michele flexi on eBay from Russia, I have always wanted it to reappear. I saw a bunch listed yesterday…I’m not going to bid, but I’d love to have someone post pics if they do acquire one.


Yeah… not putting any money in a bootleggers pocket. Plus, these flexis look stupid as fuck. Really shitty that the seller is marketing them as some sort of collector’s items. I feel bad for anyone that falls for that because these are worthless.


I think part of the appeal to me is the absurdity of them. I can understand not wanting to buy boots, but there’s something so “out there” about these that I want them.


I personally hate Flexi discs, but these are really campy and endearingly terrible. But I definitely won’t be putting money into them.


The art concepts are interesting.


Nothing reminds me of Dancing Through Sunday like a picture of a chicken.


Any pics yet? I’m courious how these look.


Totally forgot. I’ll post them Sunday when I’m back in town.