San Diego 12/10/2018

I haven’t seen the set list yet, but Eirinnie is live streaming and they just played Synesthesia

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But home is nowhere im fucking deceased the one song I want to experiemce live in person before I die amd they did it tonight uggggh im killing myself for not going

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And they played Now The World. If I hadn’t seen most of that streamed I would hardly believe it

Fuck. Off. :open_mouth:


Goddamn, Synesthesia was awesome, performance and crowd reaction.

Said it yesterday, but Get Dark rules live. Finally seeing But Home… was really good too.

Favorite quote of the show, from a girl behind me, when some people around us were doing weird, bad, too-fast rhythmic clapping over the beginning of Morningstar:
“What is this? Do we do this during this song now?”



Soooo jealous of those who got to go to this show! I was in stupid Europe (ok not really stupid)

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Davey covered my eyes as he sang “Cover your eyes and we’ll die together.” I died, but he did not. Empty promises…


Seriously??? I really hope someone got a photo of this.