Saw AFI during TAOD? My Fire Inside wants your story!

Did anyone see AFI during The Art of Drowning tour? If so, how was it? What’s your story?

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@LordOfTheLeftHand perhaps. I didn’t see them until 2001 on Warped. If that would qualify at all, then @_tonibell and I both qualify. We didn’t know it until both being on these forums, but her and I both saw AFI for the first time at the same Warped Tour in Camden, NJ.


Was it before STS or after ot came out? :nerd_face:

STS didn’t come out until '03. When we saw AFI in '01 it was probably towards the end of their touring since AOD, but that’s me assuming.

A lot changed from 2000 to 2003. I’m actually off this Sunday so perhaps I could finally come on the show.

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LET’S SEE ABOUT HAVING YOU ON THE PODCAST! I just to need make the schedule for the network before giving you a confirmation time

PS: i keep getting confused with the years of the ablums :confounded:

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I saw a couple non-Warped Tour AoD era shows, including this one that got immortalized in a pretty good balcony video: Nov. 12, 2000 in Pittsburgh, PA

Also was at Krome in South Amboy, NJ November 18, 2001. That was later AoD era, but definitely felt a lot more like an AoD show than a Sing the Sorrow one.

I have that Krome show on video, too.

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Yeah, that was my first time seeing them. Is that considered AoD era?

I would say so. AOD came out Sept 20th(?) 2000, so then we saw AFI at the same time right around the corner.

I remember my friend at school getting me to listen to “their new album” in 2000.

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Oh shit, that’s awesome. I don’t think I’ve seen this video. If I have, I’ve forgotten. (Linked it above in my first post.)

Let me see if I’ve uploaded it already. If not, I’ll upload it for you. The Club Laga show is already up and I posted the DL link for the DVD on Reddit.

How did I not discover this site until now?!?!

Anyhoo, I remember seeing AFI on their tour with Rancid and the Distillers on Nov 3, 2000 at Clutch Cargo’s. We drove about 6 hours to the show, got totally lost and missed most of the Distillers’ set (meh). I was on the floor for AFI but went up on the balcony for Rancid and I remember feeling the whole balcony flexing and shaking under the weight of people and thinking it would be better to be on the top than the bottom if it collapsed lol.

I was bummed because AFI opened for Rancid so their set was pretty short - around 35 minutes I think, but also pretty jacked because they had a really cute girl’s long sleeve shirt with TAOD fountain on it.


HELLO @melissassm! :slight_smile: This forum is relatively new. I created it just this past June, but Welcome! Be sure to help spread the word. :slight_smile:

Also, that is sick that you saw AFI in 2000… doesn’t even have a setlist for that show. Do you remember what songs were played by chance?

Unfortunately I don’t remember all of it! For sure there was no encore and they closed with Last Caress. I definitely remember Wester and Days of the Phoenix. I had brought my camcorder (remember those?!) but Clutch’s was pretty strict and wouldn’t allow it in so I left it in the car.

I did manage to record a show from the previous July '99 when I saw them for the first time in Sault Ste. Marie. I have the hi8 tape and will have to sort out digitizing it and adding the setlist someday. Wow I feel old lol.


It’s seriously awesome having you on here. I’ve been an AFI addict since 2000 but I didn’t get to see them until 2001 Warped Tour.

It kinda sucks how far in between these tour cycles are… if they tour by chance in 2018 at all, my mouth is going to water. However, other countries that haven’t seen AFI in many years deserve that more than we do since they just toured.

Did you get any of the DF bundles over the years or were you on the old DF boards by chance?

Hey thanks! And I lied, just checked the old promo poster I have and that first show I mentioned above was July 2000 not 1999. Either way, a lot of years ago.

I saw them at Warped in 2001 too, in Toronto. Where did you catch them? I found it strange seeing them perform during the day.

As fanatical of a fan that I was/am I never joined DF because I was never really a fan of their merch selection tbh. I was on the main board though, mostly during the Clandestine & Charlotte mysteries.

I’m hoping for some new Blaqk Audio for 2018…and a tour stop somewhere within an 8 hour driving radius of me! That’s likely more of a pipe dream than another AFI tour in 2018 :pensive:

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That’s awesome. I saw them in Camden, NJ in 2001. I was able to meet Adam, Jade and Hunter by their tent, Overall, it was a wild experience. I would then meet Davey two years later during their STS tour.

Regarding the DF, that’s cool. I’ll admit that some of the Crash Love merch and even some of the remaining AFI shirts lingering on the store before Blood Album were all kinda “meh” for me. The next time the DF opens, if nothing else, just make sure you submit your email to get DF exclusive emails on offers, etc.

I saw them a couple of times during TAOD era all
In Toronto… they were part Snow Jam 7 ( Along with Rise Against when they first came out as well
as Death By Stereo)… warped tour


Did you make it to the Secret show in Toronto in 2006 at the Reverb

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