Seattle, WA setlist 9-24-2018


That is one beautifully ripped set list! Did you get it???

The Boy Who… :slight_smile: <3

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I did not! But the girl who did let me take a photo!

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Wwow!Celluloid,S.t.,and Boy wdtw what a set!what kind of venue was this?I’m seeing them I Concord&so cal,in California they’re playing mostly amphitheatres(shed)so setlist and meet and greet highly doubtful as buses are in the back.Ill have to find Smith.Jacob might know

THis was a stadium type of venue so the busses where somewhere inside of it. No chance for any meeting unless you could somehow find Frisch. Which we couldn’t. I hung around outside and talked for an hour or more though. Heard a lot of cool stories

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