Selling some rare AFI vinyls and CDs (Prices Dropped)

Hey fellow DFers! I have some… very unfortunate medical bills that I need to pay off ASAP before next month’s rent comes around. So I am sadly having to part with some of my collection, but I know it will be in good hands here. The items in question are:

STS Black on Black US Tour CD (SEALED) - $50
STS 2x Red Vinyl (SEALED) - $200
Black Sails EP (SEALED) - $50
Crash Love Black Cover ver. (SEALED) - SOLD

Behind the Times EP; 1/100 second pressing (1994, NOT the repress!), includes both thank you list AND the resealable bag (although the adhesive has unfortunately not survived the 25+ years). I have never seen any other complete BtTEPs ever go on sale, so I’m pricing this at $200 due to its sheer rarity.

All prices are in USD, shipping is dependent on what you order and where you live, but can be negotiated. I can be flexible on some of the prices if items are bought together but I still do need to be able to cover my bills if I can.

Thanks so much everyone! I have some other items for sale as well, but these are just the more “attractive” ones.

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Not in the market right now but I’d love to see pictures of Behind the Times.


I’ve uploaded it to imgur here:


The STS sealed is selling for less than that, even on Discogs, I know the value is skyrocketing and for some reason for vinyl suddenly doubled in price. People on this website generally look and sell for decent deals considering it’s a community. Are you firm on the price or looking for some trades as well as cash? If you are firm on all your prices you’re best bet is eBay. It’ll take a while but someone might buy these things at these prices.
Please consider selling the STS vinyl to me for less… Or figuring out some kind of arrangement… I would love another STS. I opened mine outside an AFI concert to try and get it signed and still have never played it, but it is not sealed. Consider it. Weigh out your options.

Sorry, I’m a rambler. I like to let my mind wonder on DF. I feel safe here.

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I understand needing to pay bills, but I’m sure I could scrape together a down payment if you would reserve it for me if you are flexible on the STS vinyl. I can pay full shipping though, resident of the US. Are your prices CAD or USD?

I want to quote this for emphasis. I don’t want to tell people how to price their stuff or demand they discount, but keep in mind that you don’t have to pay seller’s fees here. And this isn’t directed at satsu in particular, just anyone reading this that is looking to sell on the forum.


First, I would like to apologize for the high prices on some of the items. I had made this post when I first seem what my medical costs would be and freaked out a little bit, making these prices without seeing the bigger picture.

In the sake of fairness, I can knock off $25 for all of the CDs, bump the STS down to $250, and the BtT to $300. For clarification all prices are still in USD. I’ll update the main post to reflect this.

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Both CDs are now $50 and both vinyls are now $200, hopefully that’s more fair.

Would be interested in the STS vinyl if still available.