Selling Tickets for STS show on March 11th

I’m selling 4 GA tickets for the price I paid for them so $92 for each ticket. My friend and I both managed to get tickets for our friend group and I don’t need them anymore. If anyone is interested in purchasing tickets please reach out.

Update: So all the tickets are claimed as of now. If any of them fall through I will message you about purchasing the tickets. It will be a first come first serve basis on the tickets. So I will do it by the times you messaged me or replied to the post. I’m trying to be fair. Thanks!

Update #2: All sales went through and I have sold all 4 tickets. I hope everyone finds some tickets to be able to go!


Hey I tried to message you. I’m interested in all four of your tickets.

I would be interested in 2 if possible!! Please and thank you!

I think I sold all 4 as of now. I will update if that is no longer the case.

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If they fall through, please add me next!

If any more tickets become available let me know, I really want to go <3

Interested in 1 if still not claimed :upside_down_face:

@awesomeg Look here for more tickets.

Im interested in 2 tickets!

I sold them all. I’m sorry!

Hey guys, I’m SORRY for buying TOO MUCH tickets, but I’ll sell three.
I’ve been a fan for almost 20 years, started with STS and that’s why I HAD to try to get tickets, even though I live in germany and It’ll be a crazy trip to California. Anyway, out of FOMO, well more like PANIC of not beeing able to attend the show, my girlfriend, my best friend and I accidently bought 6 tickets, even though we only need 3! We want to sell them WITHOUT any intention of making profit to fans. I hope I’ll find some fans who’d like to buy 3 tickets, just right next to us.
Sec 212, Row 6, Seat 11, 12 and 13, We paid 260 USD/each on ticketmaster.
Just DM me if you’re interested.