Show Your AFI Artwork!


I wasn’t sure where to post this but I’m a huge AFI fan since 99 and have done a ton of AFI related art over the years and would love to donate any art or contribute to this in anyway! I was actually fortunate enough to have Davey repost a portrait I did of him on his IG. A highlight for me for sure! Sadly in all these years, I’ve never met anyone other than Hunter. Anyway, this is a Snow Cats inspired painting I did. Thanks fellow AFI fans! I love the community!

The DF - "What's Next?" Talk

I love this! You’re an amazing artist!


Thank you so much! It’s easy to find inspiration in Davey’s lyrics


That’s awesome @MarkeeShadows You’re really talented! :smiley:


Thanks! That’s nice of you to say


@MarkeeShadows Awesome art! I really like your style… it kinda reminds me of Dr Seus in a way. :slight_smile:

Also, I moved your post to the Expressions of AFI forum. :slight_smile:


My Burials jacket project. I just started it. While there is more I want to do with it, I’m also trying to keep it simple.

Will post updates:

Teaser update :slight_smile:


Thought I’d share these 4 mini portraits I did of the guys based on the Aurelia video. Thanks!


Wow. I am sharing this on our social media.


Thanks so much! I have this and quite a few others on my IG.


This is mine. I really like your artwork though. I really like the Snow Cats painting.


Wow this is cool! Very nice!!!


Thank you!! I really appreciate it.


@MarkeeShadows those portraits are fantastic!


Made this in the beginning of the school year last year, inspired by STS, totally forgot about it☺️


Part way through a piece I did a few years ago.


Not a great photo of it, but this was the finished piece.

It sold before it was even done and the girl who bought it didn’t know that the gentleman subject was a real person until after she met with me to pay for it. :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: