Shutter16 summarizes (band-by-band) the awesomeness of the #MourninginAmerika tour

Photo: David Zeck, Festival Pier, Philly, PA

Along with justifiably awesome photos to go along with it, Shutter16 writes about the awesomeness of the Mourning in Amerika tour. Each one of these bands could have easily head-lined a tour like this. With AFI and Anti-Flag being the supporting bands for Rise Against… this tour is and will continue to be very memorable.

See their article piece below:

Next up was the direct support for the evening, AFI, short for A Fire Inside. The California-based rockers, consisting of Davey Havok, Jade Puget, Adam Carson, and Hunter Burgan, have been performing together since 1998, and their connection and chemistry shines as bright as ever… continue reading!