Signed DF items?


Does anyone have any of their Despair Faction items i.e. posters, etc, signed? If you so, post pics!


Oh, I did. I had a beautifully signed Under the Rose vol. 1 signed. But it’s gone. All gone. Gone gone gone.

It was nice while it lasted.


DAMN… I feel really sorry about that. My #1 issue is somewhere, but I have no idea where. From '09 to 2016, like I said, I wasn’t so attached anymore due to real-life, but then seeing AFI this year totally revitalized my passion for them. So in retrospect, I really hate how I’ve neglected parts of my collection.

It’s funny how those small things (like the box that the first DF package came in) would mean so much now, if I still had them.

Well, I have no DF stuff signed. The only items I have signed by everyone are the two items I took to the Meet & Greet back in '03.

It’s really hard to ultimately decide on WHAT TO BRING TO GET SIGNED. I mean, especially if you want to get vinyl or something larger signed… and be in the crowd as well, LOL. I mean, technically, you could keep it in the car until after the show, then wait by their bus. That’d be very easy to do at Sayreville.


I have this signed.


@STORMS eh, that’s life. This last time I had the setlist signed. I usually I bring a sketch I did or my journal I’m working in to be signed by bands/artists, but this past time was such a spur of the moment thing, I just used the setlist.

@Nick210 that’s awesome!


Oh noooo…man I’ve always wanted the first volume of Under the Rose. I would have cried.


Okay so I meant to reply to @_tonibell. I fucking suck at computers lol.

That being said, I was also going to reply to you to say that I love how it says “PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME LEGIBLY IN THE ABOVE SPACE”.

And then there’s Davey’s scribbled autograph. :joy:


It was a tragic day. As @STORMS knows, most of my AFI collection was lost to a flood while I was away at college. Ironically, I brought my important stuff to college because I didn’t want anyone accidentally tossing it while I was away. And then the Great Flood happened up in Bing and everything was lost. sigh


That sucks so much ass.


Yep. Yep. It was a bad time. I may have cried a little. But, really, I made out fine compared to others, so I really shouldn’t complain (though I totally am complaining because that was YEARS worth of stuff.)