Sing the sorrow

Anybody know of any meaning of the icons/symbols for the sing the sorrow album. I really connect with this album and have been wanting an AFI tattoo for sooo long. I don’t want the typical band name or for some reason i see A LOT of DU rabbit tattoos. Anyways, I’d love more info if anybody has any xx

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Back in the day on the official message boards, someone (Fritch maybe?) had posted something about the icons and about how they had specific names and they related to the lyrical themes on the albums, but I can’t remember what they were called (except one was called “disintegrating” or something?) and I don’t believe there was any consensus as to what they all meant aside from the information that was given us.

If I were you I’d take a look at the album’s art and create your own tattoo which is unique to you, or bring some images you like to your artist and have them draw something up. The art for Sing th Sorrow is incredible and I believe it fits the music extremely well. If you have Clandestine there’s a lot of extra art that might give you a ton of ideas, seriously.




Got it yesterday:)


That looks amazing!!